Friday, September 10, 2010

Fertility Update

Well we did get back on the TCC Wagon!

We gave it the good old college try. The perfectly planned intercourse, the obsessive symptom checking, and even blowing money on three unnecessary HPTs!

So the first month was a bust.

And it turns out I have another infertility factor to add to my cup! Ladies and Gentlemen I am an the proud owner of an polyp!

How excited am I!

The only good thing about this polyp is I went back to my RE after a three year absence to be diagnosed. It was so good to see her and the staff again. She's very excited about my weight loss and thinks I am on the right track! She's a fantastic doctor!

One good thing is that during my ever so pleasant vaginal ultra sound my doctor took a peak at my ovaries. In her words, "Your ovaries look good! They don't even look polycyscitc!"

So I am scheduled for a DNC to remove the polyp and once I've recovered from that it may be time to start the ball rolling with the infertility treatments again. I know we'll have to do a full work up to check all my levels. But I am hoping the weight loss has improved my odds!

So ladies... I AM BACK!!!