Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stand Back Woman Having Emotional Breakdown in Baby Aisle

It was a normal shopping experience at that store with the bulls eye logo.

Harry and I putter around the store picking up needed items.

Your normal average day.

Until I wonder over to the baby aisle. Normally I am okay in this often unknown territory, but if I go there looking for my little nephew, I usually have no problem.

I always love to pick him out little onesies with cool logos like:

Spit Happens


Bald is Beautiful

But on this day I saw this...

there it was, a little pink onesies. I was paralyzed and overwhelmed with emotions. This little pink snappy shirt thing brought me to an emotional ball of tears and snot in less than 2 seconds.
I took a picture with my camera phone. I wanted to buy it but have a major aversion to buying any personal baby products. So there is stayed. On its little baby hanger.
Little baby you are worth the wait.
I am just tired of waiting.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No News

We haven't heard a single thing about the possible adoption.

I am okay with that.

I sent a letter off but haven't heard back from either my brother's girlfriend (the cousin of the birth mother) or the birth mother.

It's a little dissappointing but no where near as heart breaking as a BFN.

We're okay, saddened by the lack of news, but okay.

I am working on improving my physical health. So far so good. Don't know when the next cycle will be. Most likely not until the summer or fall.

I am still reading you.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dazed and Confused

Harry and I are still both in some sort of hazy dream world.

It's as if this is happening to someone else and we're merely observers.

Neither of us has really even considered that it will really happen.

I think we're operating under the, "Oh, wouldn't that be nice if..."

To scared to even consider the possibility.

We don't even use the "A" word. Instead we refer to it as "That Thing"

I can hear Harry's heart yearning to hope and wanting to jump feet first into excitement.

I sent a letter to the birth mother. I may post bits of the letter later.

Now we're in a 2ww of sorts.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Eve Miracle

I can't even believe my fingers are typing this post.

Harry and I were on our way to my parent's home for New Year's Eve when I got a phone call.

My brother's girlfriend wanted to know if Harry and I were interested in adopting her cousin's baby.

Her cousin, let's call her Jossie, is 17 in high school and planning on putting the baby up for adoption. All she wants is for the baby to go to a Christian Home.

Harry and I are shell shocked. We're still processing what this would mean. There's no guarantee that we would be chosen....


the possibility.....

It's a boy - due in February....

Yeah, shell shocked.