Thursday, August 18, 2011

Advanced Maternal Age

Well it's official - I am an old lady.

Apparently when you're 35 it's time to hang up the towel - cause - chica you're old!  Because of my "advanced age" my OB wanted me to do a First Trimester Screening.  Thus the lovely ultra sound pic from my previous post.

In case you're a young whipper snapper, a First Trimester Screening is a combination of a fancy ultra sound and blood test which measure proteins produced by the placenta to determine your child's likely hood of having a chromosomal abnormality (i.e. Down's Syndrome).  It less invasive than a CVS or Amniocentesis.

Well on Monday we had said test done.  Our ultra sound came out wonderfully.  In the scan the technician measures the space in the neck for fluid and the bridge of the nose - too much fluid and a short nose are often indicators of Down's.  Well our scan was great.  The fluid was below normal and the nose was a cute as a button.

Today I got the blood work result...

Damn blood work.

According to the blood work my beta hCG is high ( I am in the 99 percentile) and my PAPP - A levels are low (30 percentile).  The high/low combination "can" be a marker for Down's Syndrome.

My baby's odds at having Down's are 1/37.  That's a 3% chance.

So the very nice lady (who was on the phone with me for over an hour) suggest and amnio.

Crap, @&(#$*)%, Shoot, &()$*@), Frack!

I am conflicted....

Do I have the amnio for peace of mind and risk a miscarriage (this clinic has a .25% miscarriage rate) or do I just go with it, roll the dice and wait until delivery. 

Oh, now I am also freaked out about low PAPP -A levels.  The genetic counselor said, "DO NOT Google low PAPP-A levels" - well darn it lady I did! My freak out factor has been raised!!

What do I do? I am looking for some other old ladies words of wisdom here.  I knew going into IVF my risks where always higher for certain problems - I also knew I was old (I mean I can count).

Perhaps the true irony of this whole situation is that 100 years ago (yes I am THAT old) my dear husband and I had planned that after we had a dozen biological children (as a result of moonlit walks on the beach and consumption of copious amounts of alcohol) we would adopt a child with special needs.  Now here we sit after years of struggling through infertility - perhaps pregnant with a special needs child and in the process of adopting a completely healthy child.  Oh, the irony!

So.............What do you think?  Is it worth the risk - knowing?  Papa don't preach I am going to keep my baby (let's see how old you are!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Holy Macaroni! This Baby is Going to Have to Come Out!

I can't believe there's a baby inside me!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

11 Weeks only 203 Days to Go!

Had my second OBGYN appointment today.  For the most part I like my new doctor.  I am still morning saying goodbye to my RE.  But my new OB understands infertility and gave me a scan even though she wasn't planning on it! I got to see Curly today!  She is growing!! (There is a debate in this household on boy vs. girl.  I am saying girl and daddy is saying boy.  Of course healthy is all that matters).  Today I saw her head, body and tiny little arms!!

I also had a gestational diabetes test - you know because I am old and fat.  My blood pressure is good so I am happy about that.  I really just want (as do all my IF followers) a normal (as normal as it gets for IVF) pregnancy.

I am really struggling with exhaustion.  My house is a total mess and there is dog hair everywhere! Adding caring for a very mobile 8 month old on top of pregnancy leads to a very exhausted momma!  I keep hearing I'll regain my energy but man am I tired!

My next scan is Aug. 15.  Once again because I am old and fat (well mostly old) I get to have one of those fancy scans to see if there are any abnormalities with the baby (who by the way is officially a fetus!).  My OB did suggest a CVS or Amnio - but we're going to pass - Curly is ours no matter what.

So I am still trying to enjoy this.... I pretty much anticipate seeing blood every time I go to the bathroom.  There are just so many women out there in blogland who have lost babies and my heart goes out to them.  My OB even commented on how her IF patients are different than her non-fertility (did I just make up a word?) challenged ones.  I am thankful that she understands.  I hope she gets to deliver Curly!

Well until my next update - I hope you're all well in your journey - I hope you're finding peace where ever you are.  Thanks for the support and encouragement!  Your comments and support do mean so much to me!