Monday, November 14, 2011


Today is my daughter's birthday.

A year ago she came into this world.  I wasn't there for her birth but know a few details from the police and hospital report.  We don't know where she was born but we know she wasn't born in a hospital. There was a lot of trauma around her birth and she had some minor bruising and a small hematoma.  Her umbilical cord wasn't clamped.  She was wrapped in some dirty rags, placed in a duffel bag and left in a parking lot.  I don't know if her birth mother cried when she saw my baby's face or if she kissed her good bye.  I don't know what circumstances her birth mother was under and I don't know why she made the choices she made.  But she made them. 

Shortly after her delivery and abandonment a good Samaritan saw the duffel bag in the parking lot and decided to look inside.  He found a cold, sweet little baby girl.  My baby girl.  The press caught onto her story and the news was flooded with details of her birth and discovery.  My husband and I were watching the news that night when her story aired.  They flashed a picture of her and as soon as I saw her I knew in my heart of hearts that she was my baby girl.  I said, out loud, "that's our baby."  I don't think my husband believed me.  Probably thought I was insane.  But the minute I saw her face I knew that God had worked all things to good.  That whatever tragedies she and I had been through it was time for us to meet- time for us to be together.  This is the child I prayed for.  The child I dreamed of.  She didn't arrive the way I had planned but the way God had foreseen - the way the Lord had predestined.  She was mine in every sense of the word.

On Tuesday night I received a call from our social worker, "We have a placement for you." 

On Wednesday she was placed into our arms.

On Thursday 11-18-10 - we brought her home. 

On Friday 11-18-11 we finalize the adoption and she is legally ours forever. 

Today is her first birthday.

She is remarkable.

She is brilliant.

She is beautiful.

She is my daughter.


Karen said...

What a sweet story and a miracle for both you and your husband and for her as well! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Anonymous said...

Ooh. This post gave me the chills.

Bridget said...

What an amazing post. So happy you have her!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

What an amazing story.

Happy birthday, little one!

Samantha said...

What a story with a beautiful ending, thank you for sharing!

Delenn said...

I always look at those stories and hope that those abandoned find wonderful parents like you. Happy Birthday!

JustHeather said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I will say a prayer for you and your family that you continue to receive His blessings. Happy birthday to your little one!

Aie said...

Lovely :)

Richters Victory said...

amazing story, amazing people.