Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birth Day

Well she's here!!  My little miracle entered the world at 7:13 am on February 23.  It's so amazing to think I've made it through to a real live baby.  So many emotions and thoughts going through my head and heart.  There will be multiple posts about my emotions and journey to motherhood via pregnancy.  For now here's our birth story.

Birth Story

The Plan -(as if!)
At my 39 week appointment we decided to schedule an induction because my little girl was measuring big and I was already dilated 3 cm and effaced 80%.  I really wanted my OB so scheduling an induction made that possible.  We scheduled the induction for 2-22 and by all odds it should have gone very easy and without many complications.

Hubby and I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am on Wednesday to start the process.  My parents and best friend were also there for the event.  The plan was simple - pitocin - break my water- pitocin - delivery.  But nothing really ever goes according to plan - does it.

I started pitocin at 7:30 am and had  my water broken around 8 am.  Around noon my doctor decided I wasn't making enough progress - well Zero progress - I was still 3 cm. She wanted to measure my contractions so I had a monitor inserted and a baby heart monitor inserted to check on baby.  Baby did great through the whole thing and was never in any danger.  Got my epidural and felt wonderful.  about 3 pm I was checked again and still had made NO PROGRESS so the OB brought up the thought of a c-section.  I was so against it.  After all I HAD a birth plan.  But really who was I kidding.  I had a conception plan - busted.  I had a pregnancy plan- busted.  Why would my birth plan be any different?

I begged to let us keep going.  My OB consented because the baby looked great.  She was in -3 position so the nurses were moving me every 20 minutes to get her to drop.  At 8 pm a nurse checked and I was 5 cm!! We were all so excited we thought FINALLY making some progress. Same nurse came back at 3 am and said baby had dropped to 0 position and I was 8 cm! We were so excited we thought I finally was going somewhere.  At about this time the epidural was wearing off.  It can only work for so long and because I was being moved all the time the contractions were getting really strong and coming quickly.  From 3 am - 6 am my hubby sat by my side holding my hand and coaching me through labor.  It was so hard and I was completely exhausted.  At 6 am I was checked and still at 8 cm and in so much pain.  I lost it.  I had a melt down and just the thought of more waiting and then having to push being this exhausted.... ugh it was rough! I asked to see the OB  she came in and I broke down in tears and asked for the c-section.  The began prepping me and pretty soon I was totally numb and happy!

The Birth
I was in the OR and my hubby was with me.  I started to get anxious realizing it was time to meet our little girl.  All day the thought of possible Downs had hung over me.  I told my OB - tell me as soon as you see her - let me know.

At 7:13 my little girl came into this world - and my OB pronounced, "A perfectly healthy little girl!"
I 'll never forget the look on my husbands face or the relief in my soul.  I heard her cry and lost it again.

They brought her over to me and I looked into her deep eyes and the whole world fell away. 

She is perfect.

She is alive.

She is here.

She is ours.


Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Congratulations! I am so glad to hear that she is healthy and that everything turned out okay, despite going against plan so much.

Enjoy these special first weeks with your daughter!

Bea said...

Congratulations! Well done. Wow.


Bea said...

Congratulations! Well done. Wow.


Jessica said...

Beautiful !

katie said...

So happy for you, I have been checking in for weeks.

Pretty Limbu said...

i was really touched reading this. :)
i had read your previous posts and had felt that excitement in you. Congratulations :)
god bless ur lil girl and god bless ur family :)

Sometimes said...

Congratulations! This post brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you.

the unexpected said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your perfect, beautiful baby girl!