Wednesday, December 12, 2007

70 million

That's how many sperm were in Harry's latest seamen analysis!

Can you believe it! He went from an abysmal 2 mil to 70 mil!!!

We are ecstatic

Our urologist (Dr. P) ;)- has put Harry on an estrogen suppressant. His blood work showed a good level of testerone but a way too high level of estrogen. I think the ratio was 1 to 3.

For once we are completely hopeful and excited that we can have a baby and that possibly IUI will work for us!

On a different note - I had to reformat my computer. So I lost all my blog favorites! So if I've visited your blog (or if I should visit your blog :) ) could you please leave a comment so I can link back to it!


Baby Deux! said...

DANG!!!! Does this mean the band is going to be on hold for a little bit longer????? HMMMMMM? :o)

Sunny Jenny said...

Baby D-

Heck NO! We need to combination of the good swimmers and my weight loss/health for the best possible pregnancy. Both for me and our baby!

The band is still definitely on!

Amy said...

Jenny ~ Congrats to you and DH on the great results!

Bea said...

Wow! That's quite a change, and such a good one!


wanttobeamom said...

GRATS on the swimmers! That is great news!

I don't know if I was on your list before, but you can come check me out if you like. =)

Bonnie said...

Congrats on the the swimmers! My husband had to have a surgery to get good swimmers - then we found out all that was going on with me! I'm excited for you guys! Keep us posted!

Bonnie said...

You asked me to tell you alittle bit more about getting a bunch of stuff at CVS for nothing, and I couldn't figure out how to email you, so I guess I'll leave it here - sorry!

I have a few CVS trips broken down by exactly what I did here:


I got started by reading Crystal's step by Step CVS 101 here:

She has a very easy to understand article that tells you exactly what to do.

And then you just have to get your coupons from the paper and online sites often have great printable CVS coupons (or you can follow the link on blogs like mine.)

I hope this helps you out! Please let me know if you have questions - is takes alittle while to get the hang of it, but in a short while I have bought a ton of household goods for next to nothing! Good luck!

Knock Me Up said...

Wow, that is impressive. Yeah for you and Harry!!

Sheryl said...

WOW 2 to 70ml?? Very Exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Jenny!!

JJ said...

Holy crap! How, how, how?! Tell me the secret=) Glad for you all!!

Sunny Jenny said...

Don't know if there is a secret or not. Harry lost over 200 lbs in 2003 -2004. So our theory is it just took his body a while to adjust to the new weight. He was taking herbal supplements for fertility (found at GNC). We're going to test him again in a month!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

WOW! That's a great number. Congrats!