Thursday, December 06, 2007


I've been approved for gas.t.ric ban.ding.

I have three criteria to meet before the surgery

  1. 6 months of a physician assisted weight loss program
  2. 2 years of medical records
  3. psychological evaluation

Number 2 and 3 are not problem. It's the first criteria that pains me.

6 more months. Not only does that mean 6 more months before the surgery but that pushes out pregnancy even further. At first I was a little depressed with this news. I mean I've already waited 4 years to get pregnant. Now having to wait another year to 18 months. -UGH!

I've accepted it and am taking steps to get there. Thanks for all the support! You've all been so wonderful.


Becks said...

Good luck with the programme, sometimes it is nice to have a different focus. Keep us updated.

nancy said...

Good luck! And maybe the next 6 months will really be a big help. Maybe not now, if you can't lose weight on your own, but it'll help you get into the way you have to eat after the banding. Of course, not immediately after, as I'm sure the recovery way to eat is crazy, but as a lifelong plan.

Yay for you!

Bea said...

Well, I'm sorry about the waiting, but hopefully the weight loss program will add to the treatment, especially in the long term. Well, I'm hoping, because I don't want to think of it as a waste of time. Here's to the healthier, more fertile future you.


wanttobeamom said...

Yeah! It is good news that you were approved! I know the waiting is hard, but hopefully you will come out really healthy on the other side.

I'm very excited that we are going to loose weight together!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Horray! The six month wait will be really difficult. I hate waiting, and it probably feels like you have spent the last few years of your life waiting anyway. I hope that it passes quickly for you.

Nina said...

Jenny, I am so happy for you. There has to be some meaning with that you have to wait another 6 month for your operation. It probably will be good. But I am delighted to hear that you are approved and that your docs see you as a good candidate. Lot's of hugs and don't forget to keep us updated. HUGS