Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do I Get Back On?

I am off of metformin! Been off for 90 days and have had 3 cycles! This last one was a non medicated 32 day cycle!!

As a PCOS girl this is pretty amazing! DH and I are pretty excited and starting to talk about getting pregnant again.

But for the past month all I've been dong is thinking about babies. I keep dreaming that I am pregnant. Obviously, my subconscious is trying to work this whole thing out.

I know I am not going back to the RE until January. So if anything will try the old fashioned way. -- And we know how well that's worked for us in the past! \

I really torn on weather or not I am ready to jump back into the craziness of ttc. I've been pretty content having worked through some of my infertility baggage and know how crazy and heart breaking that infertility roller coaster can be.



Bea said...

Tough call. Hopefully you've worked through the baggage enough to be ok with getting back on - because it sounds like there's a big part of you that wants to.


jess said...

Hi- I am new to blogging. Just wanted to say hi and that I enjoy learning from you and others about infertility, as I am going through the same thing. Please feel free to follow me. -Jess

fallon judith said...

Thank you for your blog! I myself am a PCOS girl, and I can understand your struggles with infertility pretty well. I am earlier on in my journey of TTC, but thank you for sharing your story!

Without knowing fully the amount of frustration that goes into TTC for a lengthy amount of time, I would have to say I agree with Bea. I agree, it sounds like there is a big part of you that wants to go on..


Elisheba_Amalia said...

Good luck on your journey.