Sunday, February 25, 2007

And The Award Goes To...

I am sitting here watching the O*cars...

And I am thinking there should be some awards or something for those of us going through infertility.

Here are some categories I've thought of:

Most eggs retrieved

Most blood drawn in a cycle

Best Valium high from transfer

Most tears shed over a BFN

Most hopeful

Most likely to jump off a bridge

I mean kids get trophies for playing all sorts of sports and science fairs. If I can't walk away with a baby I'd like something other than a sore bumm, an overflowing sharps box, and a maxed out credit card to show for my efforts.

What categories can you think of to award one another? I am interested to hear!

Oh, yeah I changed the blog a bit. This is pretty much the extent of my remodeling abilities. I had to change the name-- much simpler.

I had to add this update award idea from Town Criers

Best performance for getting through someone else's pregnancy annoucement.

I have SO been there! Unfortunatley my deer infront of headlights reaction probably wouldn't win any awards!


Thalia said...

Fewest eggs retrieved but got a BFP

Biggest drama achieved during a cycle

Least helpful friend

Most annoying cycle cancellation

soralis said...

Most painful egg retrieval

Most annoying RE

Bea said...

Can the trophy be a baby? We can call the boys O*scar and the girls Oscarette?


Sunny Jenny said...

oh yeah I am liking the baby trophy idea. White gold.... maybe a baby in a stroller... Oh, yeah I am liking that!

GLouise said...

Love this idea!

I would win for least eggs retrieved on a 27 yr old. Can you order me an Oscarette? :-)

The Town Criers said...

That's so funny--someone suggested the same thing on my blog when I was bitching about how I want to win an Oscar (even though I have no acting abilities).

I liked best performance for getting through someone else's pregnancy annoucement.

Angie said...

Just checking in. Hope your doing well.

The Town Criers said...

My crying in the bathroom probably won't win me the award either. Anyone else?

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Love the most annoying RE idea. My old one could definitely win.

Just another Jenny said...

I agree that we need a worst ER catagory? I'd say I would win but I seem to remember to remember Beagle's as being the worst ever.