Friday, March 23, 2007

Do It Yourself Conception Kit

Ok, I have to talk about this.

Have you all heard of this First-At Home Conception Kit?

I am a little unsure about how I feel about this kit.

I wish it existed 3 years ago when we first started TTC.

and yet,

I feel that it may just be postponing couples from seeking the care of a professional RE.

One does need a prescription...

Maybe I am just bitter.

What are your thoughts?


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I read about this in the paper yesterday. I think that it is a great thing, especially for people who don't have insurance. It's a good first step anyway.

Bea said...

It only contains three months' worth of stuff, so the ability to set back an RE visit is limited.

I think it's a good tool for couples who are starting to get frustrated after a few months trying - maybe in the 6-12 month TTC bracket.

It doesn't change the fact that some people aren't going to conceive without an RE. It probably increases the odds ever so slightly for those who already have reasonable (if not quite up to "normal") odds of conceiving each cycle. And it certainly gives a feeling of control and encourages thorough recording of data which might be useful to an RE.

So yeah, it's good within its limitations, but I think the marketing hype is way overblown.


Beagle said...

Well, I'm not sure.

If you have time on your side maybe it's a good low cost first step, but on the other hand it's just another way they are making money off couples desperate to conceive.

I worry that it gives kind of false hope to those who need intervention and it might put an unnecessary damper on sex for those who don't need help anyway.

I also agree that there is too much marketing hype here.

Does anyone else think there's something funny about the fact that they sell HPT's in three packs? It's like they've done their research and they know how the obsession will make us buy anything that "might" help.

shazz said...

Interesting to say the least.

La Vean said...

The Conception Kit is the 1st FDA approved way to become pregnant at has passed all of the FDA mandated biocompatability testing and is cheaper to use for 3 months than having a semen analysis...

This is the 1st time that an FDA approved treatment is actually cheaper than a diagnosis

monica said...

I am a nurse midwife and have been helping couples with simple infertility problems for several years. I think this kit is rip off. Another money making way to take advantage of people trying to get pregnant. The actual cost of these supplies would be about $80 and they're charging $300! They are just having men use a condom, transfer the semen to a "diaphram/cervical cap" type device, and insert. The LH surge kits can be purchased online inexpensively!