Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Own Therapy

Harry and I just got back from a lovely three day weekend with Little Button. He's now 8 months old and the cutest thing in the world.

For some people struggling with IF seeing babies is a heartbreaker. For the most part it does tear me up too. Harry made the comment the other day, "I see pregnant women everywhere." It's affecting him too.

But, when I am with Little Button I feel whole. He makes everything better and I love to hold him and cherish every minute with this little bundle of snot buggers (he's getting over a cold). The hard part is that I only get to see him a few days every other month. But the time we do have is precious.

Period came and went. Don't know what we're going to do next. Just waiting until we feel ready. Some days I am ready to get started on a new cycle but most days I am scared stiff with the whole idea of failing again.

So we're just taking it one period at a time.


Anonymous said...

I'm still feeling "the dread" when I think about another cycle. And I reckon until that's gone, the next cycle aint gunna happen. Maybe if I was pushed for time, but I'm not, so.

But I didn't really come here just to talk about me. Honestly. I came here to try and let you know you're not alone in these feelings. For what that's worth.

And I'm glad Little Button cheered you up.


serenity said...

I have heard that it's time for a break when the dread of doing another cycle outweighs the hope it gives you.

You are not alone - I am there too. A period at a time seems like a pretty good way of assessing whether you're ready to move forward.

And I am so happy that being with Little Button made you feel good.

N said...

Oh honey. When is ever the right time to move on with anythig IF related? I am struggling hard myself here, I am too impatient. Want to move along immediately. You will feel when the right time has come I am sure.



soralis said...

My thoughts are with you guys... Wish you didn't have to go through the 'another cycle' thoughts.

Take care

Just another Jenny said...

One period at a time, what a true statement. People ask sometimes how you get through 2 + yrs of TTC, and saying "one period at a time" is probably the best way to describe it.
I am glad you had such a good weekend.