Thursday, April 19, 2007

Psychosis or Symptoms

I think maybe I am pregnant.

Ok, I wish I was pregnant.

For the first time since our IF diagnosis, Harry and I had sex during ovulation. It’s not like we were on strike, but this month, it was as if the stars had aligned.

I new I was ovulating. I am sure of it. Since I’ve upped my Met I’ve been having a 26 – 28 day cycle. With the exception of my March PCOS Period I’ve been pretty regular.

So Sunday was my O day and Harry and had one of the greatest intimate encounters of our marriage. It was earth shaking. It wasn’t until we were way into it that I realized, “HOLY SMOKES! I AM OVULATING”.

So for the past 5 days I’ve been doing the maybe baby dance – for the first time in 2 years.

Yesterday I started feeling nausea – not vomit – just persistent nausea – the way I feel when I take estrogen for an FET.

Today the heartburn started – like when I am on the PIO shots.

I am insane.

You’re the only people who understand my insanity. I am sure in 10 days I’ll get my period and be back in the blues.

But could it be possible… is there a chance that one of Harry’s lazy, misshapen, confused sperm found its way to my obstinate egg?

I’ve already goggled pregnancy symptoms and the due date calculator.

Is hoping that is happened worth the potential disappointment?

And if I am pregnant what will I say to all those people who told me to relax, cause damit I WAS relaxing!


Beagle said...

It would be so great if you were right! Good Luck! And, NO, you are NOT crazy!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Oh Jenny how exciting! I so hope that you are feeling symptoms! Fingers and toes are crossed!

Becks said...

Hoping you get the best surprise ever!!

Pange said...

Isn't this just how all those stories start out? Like the time they were totally busy and weren't paying attention and that's when they got pregnant?

I hope this is the start to that kind of story for you. :)

formerteacher said...

Hope that it is true!!!

Bea said...

Fingers crossed, hey? And tell those people to mind their own business.


Sarah said...

it sounds very promising! best of luck to you.