Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's a Little Like Playing Roulette

What number will it be?

What number will this Cycle end on?

Well we're in the "hopefully" last week of waiting.

Once I get this period there will be only one more period before IVF #2

I can't believe it is just around the corner.

I have a regular OBGYN appointment next week. I think I'll be ok. Last year I had a panic attack on the table, legs up, and speculum inserted and me freakin' out. It was way too soon to let anybody poke around down there.

So, I have a question. I've never had chicken pox. Should I get the vaccination? Both my brothers had the pox and I never got it. I even babysat a kid with it once and didn't get it. Just thinking about it.

Hope you're all have a lovely May!

P.S. Please pray from my cyster Spanglish she's unexpectedly pregnant!


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I hope that your appointment goes well. I hate that yearly exam.

I would definitely get the chicken pox vaccine. I had it a couple of years ago. Apparently chicken pox is much worse in adults than in children.

Bea said...

Can you get your pox titre checked? Why vaccinate if you're already protected? If you're not protected, why haven't you picked up the illness yet?


Sunny Jenny said...

Oh Bea those are great questions! I'll have to ask them!

Becks said...

Ooh you don't want to catch anything like pox as an adult, I believe it can be very painful. I

I'd ask your doctor if they can test if you are immmune (like they can with rubella/german measles) or if not have a vaccination if they advise you to.

formerteacher said...

I have never had the chicken pox either, and since I was a teacher, I knew I better do something about it. I also was around lots of kids who had it, and I still never got it.
I had the titre, it came back that I was not immune, so I got the shot. My mom was a nurse, and told me about a patient they had who had chicken pox in her lungs and was now on a ventilator. She was 35. Chicken pox in adults is very dangerous. Get the shot.

Beagle said...

I've always thought of ART as a lottery, but roulette works just as well!

Leah said...

I noticed that you are from N Va. Are you planning to join us for the DC Metro get together on June 19th that LJ is organizing? Would be nice to meet you.

Just another Jenny said...

I am excited for your next cycle to get started, I'll be your #1 cheerleader!

GLouise said...

Thinking of you....Haven't seen you round in a while!