Tuesday, May 01, 2007


No AF yet.

I can feel her coming....

And, yet CD 29

Have I officially missed a period?

Can I think I am pregnant? Anyone felt period cramps and was actually pregnant?

The pendulum keeps swinging.

I am going to POAS tomorrow. I've officially made it to CD 29 without POAS so I can be proud.


Becks said...

I have never even been close to being pregnant so cant help on the symptom front but just wanted to say I'm hoping like heck that you get the nicest surprise of your life soon.

formerteacher said...

Yep, I have felt like AF was coming and I was pregnant. Man, I was a raving bitch when I was only a little pregnant with my first: I thought it was PMS. I really did! I also had cramping with my second son. So there you go. I will tell you I have been surprised every time I was pregnant, three times with a m/c in there. I never 'just knew it for sure' like some people. I'm AM proud of you for not POAS. I never would have made it this far!

I'm glad you have hope, and I am really hoping this is it for you!

Bea said...

Period cramps and pregnancy seem to go hand in in many cases - which is what makes it so hard to tell!

Boo to the swinging pendulum. I hate the wondering.


Megan said...

okay, yes, you can cramp when preg., my sister says she did. I did, but then I have lost 3 pregnacies, so I don't count.
Oh, I hope, I hope, I HOPE!
Good Luck!
umm... what's POAS??

shazz said...

Its all crossed and I will be visiting to find out some good news!!