Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Scare and Some Good News

Friday I was spotting....

Of course this sent me into a minor freak out.

I called my BFF at 6:30 am who rushed over and took my to me RE.

RE did a scan which showed a beautiful yolk sac in just the right place at just the right size. BETA came back at 4995.

So, spotting is pretty typical and in my case nothing to worry about. I haven't really had any since Friday so I am relieved.

Everyday is just another step closer to a real live baby. These are going to be the longest 9 months of my life!

Yesterday I went to see a different doctor. My husband, daughter, and I were in the exam room talking about my baby and my pregnancy and then the doctor said (in regards to my adoptive daughter) "even though she's not yours." - No worries - that doctor is still alive. I quickly corrected her and could see she was slightly embarassed. My daughter is 100% mine. We share no DNA and I didn't carry her in my womb - but none the less she is 100% mine. She is the answer to years of tears and prayers and is a complete gift and blessing to me. She is mine and will be mine forever.

On another note ....we receive the adoption petitions yesterday!! We're signing them today and then sending them off to the court! Hopefully we'll have a court date sometime this summer to finalize the adoption for our beautiful baby girl!

My follow up scan is set for July 7.


Samantha said...

Good for you for standing up for YOUR daughter. You are right, she is 100% yours!! I had spotting also the first two months of my pregnancy, completely normal. I wish you the most beautiful pregnancy!

Bea said...

Good news on both counts! And the doctor hopefully learnt something, too.


Bea said...

Oh, P.S. I think life with two is different when they are several years apart - yours should be very full very soon!


Jessica said...

You inspire me! My husband and I have one failed IVF under our belt this year, and are planning another full cycle this fall...

Sunny Jenny said...

@ Jessica - thanks! I am glad I can help other infertiles through this difficult journey! So many women helped me when I was first beginning! I hope your journey ends with your heart's desire! :)

Sunny Jenny said...

@ Bea - yeah, things are going to be interesting!! Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of waiting!

Alice said...

Don't worry about the spotting. I know a woman who was taken to hospital twice in an ambulance due to bleeding. And I lost pints of blood myself - and although my daughter died it wasn't the blood loss. Very good luck to you. I'm reading this in England where you can't adopt if you are doing IVF which is so stupid. In America these things work better. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Alice