Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Consultation

I had my consult with my RE this morning.

Sitting in the car waiting to go into the building I had a mild panic attack. My anxiety is through the roof. Even sitting here typing I feel extremely anxious and overwhelmed.

The consult went well. We went over my menstrual cycles and my last IVF.

There have been some ART advances at my clinic since my last cycle.

Instead of PIO there is a new progesterone made specifically for vaginal use and it comes with an applicator! So good bye PIO! Man those hurt! And the Dr. thinks we can combine all my meds into one injection at night. So that is a blessing!

My RE is working with a new lab so she will have to talk to their anesthesiologist about my case. The cyro rates for the new clinic are double the old clinic. That throws another wrench into the situation. I don't know if we can afford to cryo preserve our embryos.

We also talked about 3 day verses 5 day transfer. I want a 5 day transfer. If those embryos can make it 5 days in a petri dish then I am willing to emotionally commit to them.

I am stressed about the emotional and financial commitment. I am not feeling too good about jumping on this emotional roller coaster again.


Reproductive Jeans said...

Just want you to know Im thinking of you--hope the jump back on the roller coaster is a smooth one....

Thalia said...

sounds like advances in the right direction, what a relief. I think once you're back into it it won't be so awful. Like riding a bike and all that. Only more painful and orders of magnitude more stressful.

amanda said...

It's hard to get on the IVF roller coaster to begin with, but I think it's even harder to get back on it for subsequent cycles when you really know what you're in for. It definitely takes guts. Best of luck with your cycle!

Bea said...

I'm glad about the advances - it's good to know there are positive differences since last time. I hope hope hope you can find the funds for cryopreservation - once frozen, those embryos will stay good til you're ready to try again (whether you're successful or not this time around!) but having to start from scratch next time...

I hope the jitters settle soon. It might be as Thalia says - just the pre-cycle anxiety, which will fade once the action starts.


Marie-Baguette said...

I did use the progesterone in vaginal cream and it was so much better than the shots! I could not believe my doctor had not given it to me before! I used to be very pessimistic about the success rates of FET, but then I got pregnant with a FET to my great surprise. I am glad you have the option to freeze any extra embryo. Good luck with everything