Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mission Accomplished

I made it....

It was a harrowing experience. Perhaps because I am a drama queen or just perhaps it was harrowing.

We arrived at the ambulatory care center (a division of a local university my RE uses) and began to get prepped for the procedure. Everyone was very nice. I had a great RN who was very kind and comforting. I got ready, changed my clothes and the RN started the IV.

Normally, for the ER the patient is put under general anesthesia (asleep). So, you go to sleep have your eggs retrieved and then wake up -- all done. Well my anesthesiology was a wuss. She looked at me and said my air way wasn't good enough and she was worried because of my weight. So she didn't want to do GA here but preferred to do local --- an epidural. I was very worried an not happy about not getting to fall asleep and having to be unconscious through the whole damn procedure. I don't do well with girly exams and such and definitely was not looking forward to the experience. My RE was very kind and supportive the whole time. I love her immensely and if any one ever needs an excellent RE reference e-mail me and I'll give you her details.

So, I had an epidural. Like I said not my first choice but I made it through. When I was having the blasted thing my RE was in front holding my shoulder and my knees and rubbing my shoulder to comfort me and in a very tender and almost motherly manner she laid her head against mine. I was so comforted and so relaxed by her act of kindness I grew to love her even more in that instant. She has the best bedside manner of any PERSON let alone doctor I've every met.

I could feel the ER. It wasn't painful but it wasn't a walk in the park either. That tricky RE... she said, "ok, now I am just getting and ultra sound so don't worry." About 2 minutes later I could feel her touching my left ovary. "Doctor, are you doing the retrieval?" "YES she said"...She tricked me! But I am glad she did. I don't want to know every single detail of what is going on! Just do it and don't waste time mincing words for Christ's sake! She did and excellent job. And for the magic number!!


18 eggs retrieved! I'll get the call today to see how many are mature and how many fertilized. Harry did his job too, he came through -- no pun intended! :)

Last night was a bad night. My back is still sore and I am still very angry about having to have an epidural. I don't like it when we deviate from the plan. But I did make it through. I am curious as to what others have experienced during their ER.

So, because of the epidural my recovery time was a lot longer than normal. We didn't leave the care center until 2:00 p.m. -- the same time my family was due to arrive! But we made it to the airport in time and every one was happy to wait because they knew what Harry and I were going through.

Thank you all very much for your support and well wishes! I have a great prayer I'll share latter that a friend sent to me. Ironically I received the prayer the night before the ER.

Just got the call now... 11 fertilized. ET is temporarily scheduled for Saturday at 8:30 a.m.


soralis said...

11 fertilized... that's great.

I am glad you had an epidural. Our clinic only gives you IV meds (not sure what didn't ask). Anyway they couldn't get my IV in (small veins) and I had the retrieval with NO meds. It was not to pleasant so I am glad you didn't have to feel any pain!!

I can't believe you went to the airport after, I just wanted to go to bed!

Good luck on Saturday, stick thoughts to you

Just another Jenny said...

18 eggs with 11 fertalized!!!! I knew it, you damn over achiever!!!! Yea! I am so happy - for you.

An epidural? I would be pissed too. The only thing I am looking forward to is the free buzz I get after waking up from the GA (I have had some great experiences), not a needle in my back! I am sorry about that, I agree, I don't like to deviate from plan either.

N said...

I am glad to read that it all went well, except from that you only got an epidural. If it is any consolidation, this is the GENERAL procedure here in Sweden. So, I will be wide awake as well :-S. But I am glad to read that it went well for you no matter what and that you have 11 eggs. That is a good number!!!

Have a great time with your family and recover quickly. Good luck on saturday!


Lori said...

Wow - 11 fertilized is great!
I'm so sorry you weren't able to be out in la la land but it sounds like you have a fantastic RE who handled it quite well.
Rest up and I hope you're feeling better soon.

Maya said...

I winced when I saw the words epidural. It sounds like it well and congrats on the 11. Hope you continue to feel okay

UtRus said...

Terrific news about the 11 fertilized!! all right!!!! that's interesting about your epidural instead of the general. (and reading above at soralis - NO MEDS?! WTF?!) i should be in ER mode in about 11 days if all goes according to plan. i was actually wondering if there was an alternative to general anesthesia, which i am not fond of. hmmm. best of luck for the replacement on Sat (or later)... until then, drink some wine :)