Monday, March 27, 2006

Wednesday is the Day

We're scheduled for our ER on Wednesday morning.


It's really happening. I've really made it this far. All my blogging gal pals are just a little ahead of me or right behind me! Good luck to all my lady friends starting out! It gets less confusing as you move along.

On Friday I was sitting in my RE's office waiting to be seen and newbie patient was walking out. She sounded unsure and so confused. The receptionist said, "Just call us when you start your period and we'll tell you what to do next." Newbie still was hesitant and I could tell a little curious. I felt like running up to her and handing her a business card (which i don't have) that has all our blogs on it for her to read. Remember when you first started, how afraid and confused were you? I remember how I thought I had it all planned out and knew exactly what was going to happen- ha ha ha! I do feel very enlightened now and want to help other women as the take their own journey. There is something only another women who is experiencing IF and IVF can share. There are no words to explain this feeling inside of me-- words cannot express what another IF woman knows.

During my u/s this morning my RE RN said, "Holy Crap".... She says I have so many follicles she stopped counting after 15. They're hopeful I'll have a good harvest.

Thank you all for being there... for the first blogs I found back in January when my mind was an ocean of uncertainty to my good gal pals who joke and laugh at the little things.

I am completely peaceful about the ER on Wednesday. We do have a little hiccup. Harry's family is coming from England for a visit on Wednesday as well! We tried to plan their visit after our IVF cycle but as you all well know my body has a mind of its own. I am not too worried about having company, I really love my in-laws and am looking forward to seeking my cheeky 3 year old nephew.

If I have enough embies RE is going to go to blast stage (Monday) if not ET will be on Saturday. We're hoping for blast.

So, I'll be reading up on you all and let you know how my eggies do!


Just another Jenny said...

What great news - so many folicles they stopped counting. Show off!

I am really excited for you, everything is going so well so far. Best of luck with the retrieval. I can't wait to hear how many eggs they get.

p.s. - the sniffy stuff tastes really gross. At least you don't taste Lupron!

Kellie said...

Good luck at retrieval!

UtRus said...

ALL right!! that is so funny about the RN saying "Holy Crap!" and stopping the count. you go girls! (I am talking to your ovaries.) sounds like you'll have a nice "harvest" ;) it will be exciting to see how many you get and i hope many make it to blast.

that's crazy timing about the visit from the family. do they know about the IVF?

soralis said...

Good luck with your retrieval! Sounds like you have lots of follies!

Take care

N said...

I hope I am not too late to wish you good luck for today !!!!!!! hope it all goes well and they will be able to count everything afterwards without problems :-D

formerteacher said...

Congrats. on the follicles! With my IVF, I almost didn't produce enough, but luckily I wound up making a few more eggies, and I just put down the little one for his nap.

Everything sounds like it's going well. I look forward to hearing how your ER went. To me, that was the worst part of IVF, so to know that it was over was a great feeling!

Here's to lots of beautiful embies!!! Oh, I did a day three transfer and was bummed, but got pregnant. Blasts. would be great, but just in case they want to do a day 3 transfer, don't think it's all over! Good luck!!!!!!!

Just another Jenny said...

How did the ER go? I am hoping for a ridiculous over-achiever perfect egg report.