Monday, March 20, 2006


Today is day 4 of stims. I feel like a big fat frog! My ovaries are so sensitive and my thighs are bruised at each injection site. I resemble a leopard with purple spots! I go in for my first u/s and b/w tomorrow morning. I am hoping there isn't much more of this stim protocol. I am worried about OHSS. I know my RE started me slow so I have no idea what to expect once they crank up the meds!

Feel bad for feeling bad about feeling bad.....

I really know how fortunate I am to be able to do IVF...But I am still swollen, tired, and cranky! Well will update tomorrow after my RE visit! Thanks for all the prayers and wishes!


Maya said...

My prayers and best wishes are with you. I am feeling similiar, but because of AF. You have a much better reason! It sounds like your RE is being careful, so I am sure you'll be fine

soralis said...

Hmm there is something I never thought I would hear. Fortunate enough to do IVF. I guess you are right and those of us who have been able to pay for IVF are the lucky ones.

By the way you are entitled to be tired and cranky. You have been through a lot to get to this point.

Take care and I hope all goes well!

UtRus said...

Hey Sunny J!
thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I just blog rolled you so i can keep up with your dealio. So you are on day 4 of stims! i will be starting my stims in about 13 days. Gulp. Nervous. But I am SOOOO glad to be able to read your blog and how you're finding it. I am not really too scared of the injections (SMALL NEEDLE you say!!), but I am really scared of the swelling ovaries. do you notice any other side effects? any water retention? weight gain? are you nauseated at all? i could ask you a billion questions (even though i know all women react differently and are on different protocols...)

take care of yourself and may your eggs be golden! good luck Sunny J!

Just another Jenny said...

Fortunate to do IVF - believe it or not, I have thought that too. I live within an hour of 75% of the IVF clinics in Canada. If I lived in a different province, I would most likely have to travel quite far for treatment.