Friday, March 10, 2006

Please Pray for AF

Seriously my body is $)%*$$) with me....

Once again I am waiting........ we've all been there I know but this time I am beginning to panic! I really can't take much more of the Lupron.

I was on Prometruim to help bring on AF. She was due to arrive 1 -2 days after my last dose. My last does was Monday do the math.

So, I called my RE RN and she said, "Come in on Monday." No words of assurances or comfort! SO WTF does COME IN ON MONDAY MEAN!

Ladies! PLEASE get on your knees and pray for my period to get the #@$^&* Here! If you're not a praying person run outside at precisely mid night and do a naked midnight moonlight dance for the period gods to have mercy on my barren womb!



Just another Jenny said...

It amazing how much our bodies work against us. Remind me again, how does anyone get pregnant on there own?
I'm dancing for ya, I'll even say a special prayer at church!

Heather P. said...

Come on in means they want to check your lining and ovaries to be sure there isn't something else going on. I know it sucks I have had that comment mad to me way to many times!!

soralis said...

Sorry to hear that you are being stressed out. Take care and I hope AF comes soon!!!

Maya said...

I read several of your posts at once. So, I'll leave one comment for all that struck me. I had a good friend that I confided in about our IVF. Of course, he says are you willing to adopt. WTF - Like I hadn't thought of that. Of course I am, that doesn't mean that I am not going to do everything possible to have my own in addition too adopting. I would like to exhaust all my options. That is like asking someone who just found out they are having kidney trouble.. have you thought of dialysis or a transplant. How crude, of course they have, but one should try to at least see if they can get their kidneys to function correctly first! People amaze me. With no other medical issue are people this clueless in my opinion. Sorry, I am ranting on your blog. This will definitely have to be the next topic on mine!
(Breathe) I will definitely say a prayer for you. I will also pray that your nurse gets the clue that she needs to be more be more empathetic with you and realize how hard all of this is and how much of your life and our lives hang on their every word. I am glad you have bloggers to keep you comforted.