Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Series of Fortunate Events . . .

Well after yesterday's pitiful sob story of a post, I thought I'd change it up a bit today! After I posted my spring time rant and void chasm of hope post I started to reflect on my day. Last night after a long day I continued to ponder all the little things that happened to me throughout the day.

So here is my my favorite style - THE LIST...

Monday's Series of Fortunate Events...

1. RE told me I don't have ovarian cysts. I had convinced myself over the weekend that I had a cyst and would never be able to have a child.

2. RE told me I could treat my developing beasty yeasty and didn't need to suffer any longer!

3. Remember the horrid needles that came with BAND AIDS! We'll I don't use them! I just use the plunger and use a much smaller less horrific needle for the injection.

4. My new Lupron needles are 30 G as apposed to my current 28 G ones. SMALLER NEEDLE!

5. Came to work and a co-worker gave me coupons to McDonald's - i love Mickey D's breakfasts!

6. My boss (who I've told about our IVF) came in to ask me how things were going and if he could pray for us (he is a VERY strong Christian man). I shared with him my frustration and anger with spring time and my body. I also shared that I believed God was smacking me around because I've gotten to self -reliant in this IVF. I am trying to wear the creator boots and take the credit that is really his. He shared his own experiences and offered to pray for my cycle (he couldn't say the word period).

7. Went to the ladies room and TA DA!! AF had shown UP!! Now tell me if that isn't an answer to prayers!!

8. Called the RE office to announce the arrival of my curse. Our conversation went something like this:
R: Hello doctor's office
ME: Hello this is me, is RE RN there
R: No RE RN is at lunch but will be back shortly
ME: Ok can I leave her a message
R: sure
ME: Tell RE RN I got my PERIOD!
R: (in that soft soothing voice) Oh, I am sooooo sorry...
ME: NO NO it's OK I WANTED TO get my period!
R: oh (shocked) usually when people call this office getting your period is bad

9. Called DH to tell him I got my period!

10. DH calls back to say his co-workers thinks he has a girlfriend who had a pregnancy scare-- co-workers don't believe DH's wife would be happy to get a period.


12. DH calls again to say, "I am taking you out for a hot date tonight!"

13. Leave work early for hot date!

14. RE RN calls to say my b/w is fine and I will start my Follistim and Menopur on Friday and come in on Tuesday for my b/w and u/s

15. Watch Follistim Pen DVD - VERY INTERESTING

16. Go on hot date!

17. (restricted event) ;)


19. Not so happy to have period! ;) - just kidding!

Well that was my day! Feeling a little manic swinging from utter despair to such jubilation! But hey at least I can blame something on the Lupron!


Tendaironi said...

YAYYYYYY!!!! You got your period!! I get excited too. It means I can start trying again. After a couple of days of cramps the excitement wears off, but then follicules start growing which is even more exciting! Congratulations!!!

Lori said...

Sometimes it is nice to try to focus on what went well with the day. Especially if it involves a hot date!
I also love the manic lupron mood swings.

Just another Jenny said...

Yea, AF is finally here! I had a great day on Tuesday, it must be contageous right now.
You gotta love a boss that cares, what a difference that makes. Sounds like hubbie is behaving well too, I hope you had a great time on your date.

soralis said...

Glad to hear things are moving along! At least there are a few times in our IF lives we are actually happy to see Aunt F.

N said...

Except from Yeayyyy and :-D I don't know what to comment.

Am glad you had a good day and hope that many more will follow....


Maya said...

Glad things are looking up and that your boss was there in your time of need! Sometimes we just need an empathetic ear. Hubbie sounds wonderful. I am happy for you that you have such a great support system. Congrats on the progress