Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Little Nosey and Not Ashamed of It!

Do you ever sit in your RE's office and wonder about the other women/couples waiting? I do. Granted I am notoriously nosey but I am generally interested in other people's stories and struggles.

Today, while I was waiting, a tall gorgeous blond walks in. Very quite and secretive (like we're in a sex toy store) she waits at the front desk and slips the receptionist a "package". I smile up at her as she sits down hoping for some friendly chatter. Another couple is in there speaking a foreign language (Russian I think) and looking over brochures - first timers. Well neither the blond nor I initiate conversation. I get called for my blood work. Come back to wait and the blond is still there... I pretend to stretch my arm, hoping she'll see my blood work evidence and say something...nothing... Then gorgeous blonde goes up to receptionist and asks how long it is going to take....receptionist says well it takes about 45 minutes for the washing....Ding Ding...she's here for an IUI...

But I am left wondering...why are we so secretive? I know that the internet offers us an opportunity to open up but to faceless people. Why are we ashamed?

We have no need to feel shame. Well it is a little icky carrying your hubby's sperm...but other than that ladies HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH! All of us are broken or bruised in some way. May be not all of us infertily challenged but everyone has their own quirks and foibles. There is no embarrassment here! Shout it out! Next time I get on the elevator I am going to say.."Floor 5 please, I am infertile."

----now on a medical note ----
Nothing really post worthy to report....oh expect my RE forgot to do my HIV/STD Test!!! Man, if this screws up my cycle I am gonna go nuts!

Everything looks normal...Righty is out doing Lefty...

I am still feeling discomfort and the dildo cam was not much fun either! I go back on Friday for another u/s and b/w.

Oh, I did wear my
frog socks! RE and RE RN loved my socks!


UtRus said...

i looked at your frog socks - cute! glad your check up went fine today. :) keep up the updates

Lori said...

I always wonder about the other patients in the waiting room too. Good luck with the upcoming ultrasounds!

Maya said...

You are right. I posted about the whole shame thing a while ago. I don't get it. I wouldn't feel shame it my kidney wasn't working. I wouldn't even mind if I needed a donor. I wouldn't care who saw me going to a kidney specialist. But, somehow it has been wierd that my Fallopian tubes aren't working. I feel nothing but compassion and caring for other infertiles. I need to continue to show that to myself and expect others to as well.
Here's to hoping that lefty catches up with righty and you have lots of embies.

soralis said...

I am with you, always wondering what is going on with people. It would be nice if us infertiles came out of the 'closet'. Maybe then people would have some compasion and understanding of what we are going through. (and hopefully stop saying stupid things)

Take care and hope all goes well with your cycle.

Just another Jenny said...

I'm with you, very curious. I want to stand up in the waiting room and tell my story AA style and listen to everybody else tell there's.
No doubt your RE loved the frog socks, they are the best!

Sunny Jenny said...

LOL, AA style,

"Hi, I am Sunny Jenny, and I am Infertile!"

That's great!

Sunnie said...

I LOVE being nosey in the office. I even will try to construct a story in my head about what's going on lol!

Anonymous said...

I only ever had a conversation in the RE's office twice. In two years, only twice. Once was with a woman who was there for her first time. The RE was running late, and she asked if it is always so slow. The other woman in the office went on a tirade. She had just had a miscarriage.

After that woman left I told the new one that usually there is not much of a wait at all, and that the anger from the other one was most likely because of her loss. Newbie was really grateful because she needed to her something positive, and we talked a little bit.

The second time was when I went in for my transfer. There was a man waiting for his wife, but I don't remember that conversation at all.

I don't know why we don't talk in the office. Usually I'm just tense and don't feel sociable, so I never initiate, but I don't think I'd turn away from anyone who approached me. It depends I guess. When I'm there because of miscarriages I'm pretty surly.

Maya said...

Hope everything went great today!