Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fool's Day Gift

You know it's funny... When Harry and I were first married we played a trick on my dad. Harry called him on April Fool's day 01 to tell him that I was pregnant (thinking he'd be upset because we were newly married). And now 5 years later on April 1 our little babies were transferred to my womb. Fitting I think.

So here are the promised pictures. Here is a picture of our 12 darlings. We've told grandma and grandpa that all 12 want conception cards as well as Christmas presents. Number 11 (the elephant man) wants a lap top.

Here are Lefty and Righty in my womb. I've tried to draw arrows to them but alas my drawing skills are not what they should be!

Keep praying they stick around!


soralis said...

Lovely embies... I will say a sticky prayer for you!

Take care

N said...

Cool pics and yes, I do see the Elefantman :-D

I think I didn't comment on your last post, so here I go: Wow you are doing so well. Not having a general anestesia must have been horrible (but that will happen to me too). Congratulations on the harvest and on the 2 nice embryos that you got back!

I am keeeping my fingers crossed for you!


Just another Jenny said...

12 of them look at all of them, looks like you have a hockey team there! Sending sticky thoughts your way!

UtRus said...

wow!! that is so neat. even elephant man is kinda cute. fingers crossed for you. sticky sticky sticky

Kellie said...

They look BEAUTIFUL. Good luck wiht your beta.

candy said...

Ooooh, sticky sticky sticky! (could you feel that? could you?)

It is amazing to see them all there at once, isn't it?

Maya said...

I have never seen pictures like these before. I am such a newbie. They actually made me smile and my heart flutter. I do not believe in coincidences, I am sure the date is serendipitous! Thanks for sharing.

PortLairge said...

What beautiful little babies. Thinking about you and hoping for a positive result.

formerteacher said...

Treasure these pictures. I still have both, and they are in my son's baby box. I mean how many kids can say they have pictures of themselves when they were 3 day old embryos! It is so cool to look at my little guy in person and when he was just a little 8-cell person. I thought the ET was so cool! To actually SEE the babies go in. Wow! It was incredible.
I am so happy for you! It looks like you have stellar eggs, and your hubby stellar sperm. 12 embryos---that is fantastic!!! I transferred three embies because only 3 got to 8-cells level one. The rest died. So we had nothing to freeze, but we got pregnant!!! This 2ww is going to be hard, but you know that you have the best chance you have ever had before!!! Congrats. on a wonderful ET!!!