Monday, April 24, 2006

Mindless Distraction

What a dirty trick! Jenny has tagged me! So here's how it works

1. Go write 6 random or weird facts/things/etc. about yourself in my comment box and on your blog, then tag six more people! Do this even if your not tagged, leave at least one interesting fact about yourself.

2. Then leave a comment that says "You are tagged" in their comments telling them to read your blog.

So here are...

Six Interesting Things about Me

1. When I was in the 8th grade (13 years old) I danced to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” in the school talent show. Me, a chair, and some sparkly black leggings. Mind you I’ve had no formal training.
2. When I was little I use to “make” the boys play with me. My favorite game was Snow White. I remember my “tomb” being one of those tunnels on the play ground you crawl through. Yes, all the boys, even the “dwarfs” had to climb in the tube and give me, Snow White, a kiss.
3. I am 9 years older than my littlest bro. When he was a baby I use to wake him up and play with him! I also use to stick my feet through his play pin bars and let him suck on my toes. My 22 year USMC studly bro loves it when I tell that story!
4. I almost died White Water Rafting. The rapids where sissy rapids and I fell out in under a minute of entering the raft. But I really did almost die! And I dragged my future SIL (she’s was just my friend then) out of the raft as well. She didn’t almost die.
5. I am a daddy’s girl and proud of it! My relationship with my father has caused my mother some jealousy issues.
6. I cannot stand to hear nails being clipped. It’s worse than scrapping your nails on a chalk board. I have forbidden Harry from clipping his nails in front of me. He doesn’t listen.

I pass the baton to the following:
My Unborn Journal
Mary Ellen and Steve


Just another Jenny said...

Thanks for playing along! We all need a distraction sometimes.

I have to comment on two of yours.

The Madonna dance. I love you even more now. I did "time of your life" from dirty dancing with another GIRL - what was I thinking?

The white water rafting? Please! My husband talked me into white water kayaking - you don't fall out cause you are strapped to the boat floating upside down in the rapids. That's almost dying! I know it's not a competition, I just had to bug!

Sunnie said...

That daen Jenny for tagging us! :) heheheh

I used to LOVE talent shows when I was little! lol

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Thanks for the distraction! It was much needed. I love the Madonna dance. I sang a song from the Sister Act soundtrack once for a talent show. I guess 10 years of Catholic school really took it's toll. I cringe whenever I think about it.

candy said...

6 things that make me, well, me:

1. I am too scared to be an artist even though I am one. I have lots of blank canvas. But I know whatever I paint on it will not come out the way it looks in my head and I will either be disappointed or never finished. So I have lots of blank canvas.
2. I rub my scalp. Not scratch it. It's a strange habit, but it's comforting I think. I just give myself little scalp massages several times a day. No idea when it started or why. I actually tried twirling my hair instead, but it just didn't do the trick.
3. I never played with dolls as a kid. Tiana trys to play and I just can't do it. I got a Barbie once. I buried it in the flower bed with my Tonka dump truck. I don't think I got any more Barbies after that.
4. I could read when I was 2. So they say. Even as a toddler I was a dork. I read the Peter Rabbit story at my preschool Easter play. Everyone else acted it out as I read the story for all the parents that came to watch. I don't know that I knew it was because I was the only one that could read. I used to take word searches to the basketball games my parents would drag me to and sit and do them the whole time.
5. I still drive to my hometown for the dentist. It's an hour and a half away, in the country, and I now live in a small big city. I don't trust anyone else with my teeth. I sleep in a biteguard. When I don't wear it, my teeth grinding noises are loud enough to wake Will.
6. I still remember the first poem I ever wrote. It was in 4th grade for conservation project for school. The first stanza was this: "In the forest dark and green are some creatures we've never seen." I hope I've evolved. But that's not a bad start.

Anonymous said...

I never had the "balls" to do anything in a talent show, but really admired the people who did... Madonna. She's SO cool, even when she's a bitch.

Lori said...

My best friend and I had a dance routine for Express Yourself that we were planning on doing for a talent show but I moved before it happened. A true tragedy!
I'll see what I can come up with for my own list...

soralis said...

Hey there... did I thank you for tagging me yet? (I was trying to lay low... so much for that idea!! :) ) I got lazy though and didn't tag anyone else, I didn't know if I could come up with 6 or not!! I hope I didn't wreck the game!

Take care and love the Madonna dance thing!