Sunday, April 02, 2006

Am I Pregnant?

That's the only question that keeps running through my mind. We'll test on Wednesday the 12th. Thus the dreaded 2ww begins.

ET went fabulously. Once again due to my spectacular ER. Harry and I arrived at the center, after a slight 10 mile detour because we missed the Arlington Memorial Bridge exit and had to go 10 miles to turn around, but we did make it. We were the only ones there and were greeted by a nice nurse. We were getting ready and I introduced my self as the lady who had the epidural. She said she new all about me. Apparently I am the talk of the clinic. Imagine that. Everyone is shocked that I had to have the procedure and the RN agreed that if it had been any other anesthesiologist I would have been put under. Well we chatted for a bit, I took some Valium (YES thank you!), and waited for the lab tech and my RE to arrive.

RE arrived and brought Harry and I our babies first pictures! (I'll try to scan them later to show off). One little bugger sneaked in and we actually fertilized 12! A whole dozen! And of course my babies are top class little embryos! Most of them got an A on their very first test! Most of them were graded 8 cell Level I. A few were 6 cell level 2 and one 4 cell (he sort of looks like the elephant man--but we love him anyway)! So, RE asks how many we want to transfer. I ask her to pick the doctor and lawyer embryo. She says the ugly one is probably the doctor.

So we picked #2 and #4 8 cell level I and the rest went off to sleepy ice land for a snooze. ET was uncomfortable but over quickly and not really bad after every thing else we've been through. I even have a picture of my embie babies in my womb (yes, yes I will scan this too). They're just little specs.

I am on bed rest today and tomorrow. RE gave me permission to blog but then I have to return to my couch! I've also started my lovely vaginal suppositories! Ladies wear a pantie liner.

So, Lefty and Righty are hopefully gonna stick around to grow and become our real babies.

It really is still very hard to imagine there is life in me. After 2 years of trying and never know "if" it worked this month I know that there is a little part of Harry inside me. I am praying that they'll stick around.

Oh, I forgot to mention! I wore my froggy socks!


Maya said...

It sounds like everything went so well. Since I am a teacher, I must congratulate you on your wonderful report card. "A" students always deserve a reward and hopefully yours will be a wonderful pregnancy.

Brenda said...

Congratulations on your successful fertilization! I know what you mean about the 2ww. I'm in the same situation. My test is on April 11. Feel free to check out my blog...

Brenda said...
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Lori said...

So glad to hear all went well with transfer.
Since I'm 4dp5dt, the "am I pregnant" question is the only thing bouncing around my brain as well.
Good luck making it through the 2ww.

candy said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful! Best of luck to little #2 and #4. So happy things went so well!

candy said...

Oh, what wonderful news! Wishing little #2 and #4 the best!

UtRus said...

glad everything went smoothly! and that was a funny line about the "ugly" embie probably being the doctor - HAH!! please post the photos - want to see. :) i start injections tomorrow so your not-so-bad experience is very comforting to me. best of luck with those embie(s) latching on for a stay!

Kellie said...

Wishing you lots of luck and hopefully one or both will stick around for many weeks.

soralis said...

Good luck!! Hope the 2ww goes by fast!

Glad to hear you wore your funky socks!

Take care