Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Somebody SLAP ME!!

I am completely manic!

I am having a break down! I can't wait another week! I started having cramps yesterday and today.... don't know what they could be (YEAH RIGHT!).... I am thinking I am not pregnant.

I've read everything I can find on pregnancy symptoms...cramping is one of them..but you see for the past 2 years I always told myself..."Self...yes you're cramping...but that could mean your pregnant and not necessarily related to the impending arrival of AF"


What makes it any different now!?? Why would I succeed when so many other women have failed! What makes me any different! My luck stinks in the first place so why would my first cycle work?


To top it all off I want to HPT and Harry doesn't! JERK!

Oh, there goes another cramp!

If it's negative I may crawl into another whole and cry for 100 years.


UtRus said...

dont test!!! we were just discussing this on Fisher Queen's blog ... because us IVFers get a big blast of HCG (pregnancy hormone) right before retrieval... if you test with HPT you might get a false positive because the hormone is still in your system from that shot. a false positive would be hard to handle, in my opinion, so my ASSvice is do not POAS! :) wishing you loads of luck!!!

wannabmom214 said...

Whoa... I completely understand the manicness - I'm seeing myself in your post. I know this next week will be SOOOO long, but remember how long the journey has been so far? All you have is one week - that can fly by before you know it.

Whether you test or not, I'm praying that you are able to find a peace during these next few days that will carry you through.

Good luck!!

PortLairge said...

It's definitely too early to test. Mind you, I did test at 7dp3dt and it was negative- It showed me the HCG was out of my system but I was so disappointed. A few days later I did test positive but I know a lot of people who tested negative right up to the day of beta. What I'm trying to say is that POAS is not necessarily the be all and end all.Line or no line you will still be obsessed. I'm so sorry that you are having a hard time. This is the worst part- the dreaded 2ww. Thinking of you.

Maya said...

I would love for your 1st cycle to work. That would mean my 1st cycle could work. So, come on little ones please stick

Sunnie said...


Listen to Utrus!

soralis said...

The wait is a terrible time. It seems like everything that happens to our bodies is a sign. Try to just hang in there as you never know. (I am with utrus on the POAS... those darn things are evil!:) )

Wishing you success and hang in there.

Just another Jenny said...

I say no HPT. I will crawl in a hole and cry with you. I'm wishing on a star for you my Jenny friend!

formerteacher said...

You are normal. The Friday before my test at the REs, I was totally convinced it didn't work. Why? Cramping as well as lower back pain, THE signal that my period is on its way. Yah, that time I was wrong and glad to be! DO NOT TEST. Waiting sucks, I know, but you can do it! It's not over!!! Well, I have got to go. My little IVF baby is up from his nap. I pray this is what next year is like for you!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

If I were you I would stay away from the pee sticks. They aren't really accurate for IVFers anyway. I have heard too many stories about false positives and false negatives. Easier said than done I know.

We are starting our first cycle. I hope that you get a BFP on your first cycle. I love success stories!!