Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Next Step

We're moving forward

I don't want to move at all...

Even looking at my blog brings everything back

I miss #2 & #4

Called the RE RN on Monday. She says to come in on May 1 for b/w to see if I've ovulated.

I told her, "Yeah, you think I'll have ovulated"
"Well, do you want to make it later."
"I won't ovulate.... this is going to take forever..."
"Well come in and if you haven't ovulated we'll start the Prometrium again."

1 week Prometrium
1 Week waiting for AF

Then I start Lupron and Estrogen...

I just want to crawl under a rock


Sarahbchicago said...

So sorry that your first IVF was not successful. I hope that it gets easier as you keep on taking the next step. I'm in the same boat--got my negative Beta today after my first IVF.

UtRus said...

just hang in there. one step at a time. (i won't say "baby" steps - ugh! grrrr) i hope other parts of your life can be happy enough to make this not so difficult all of the time. hugs

Maya said...

If you find a rock big enough with one big enough right next to it ... let me know. I'll join you! In fact I can think of a few others right now who are feeling the same way. So we should make it a party. I'll bring the Tequila.

soralis said...

Hang in there. I sure hope things work out for you.

Take care

sube said...

You may not want to move, but you are moving. Be proud of yourself. Take care.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Try to hang in there. Take good care of yourself!

formerteacher said...

I'm so sorry that your first VF didn't work. I agree with the last poster though, you are moving. Be proud of yourself for that! I am so sorry!

Just another Jenny said...

Are you going right into a new fresh cycle? My clinic insists on a 3 month break between cycles.
So far things aren't looking great for us (really bad sperm sample) but I'm still holding out some hope. If this doesn't work you are going to have to make some room for me. Shall I look for a bigger rock?

Bea said...

Don't go back until you're ready. Especially just after a stim cycle. I totally stand by my decision to crawl under a rock for a while.

Don't go back unless you want to move more than you want to stay still.

Anonymous said...

I've been under my rock for months and months. Don't feel guilty if you need to go that route. Treatment cycles are really difficult. My clinic is also aggressive and there were a few cycles when we just tried month after month (we did injectible cycles with timed intercourse before the failed IVF).

Cry and rage all you need. I'm sorry your heart is broken.