Saturday, October 06, 2007

Just the Facts

Still crazy and pregnant (well I know I am crazy and I think I am pregnant).

I've never been more sure that I am pregnant. I always knew I'd know. I know my body. All those time I knew I wasn't pregnant but hoped I was. Now I know I am.

It's not so much that I am having symptoms but that I am not having PMS symptoms.

So, come with me, if you will, on a little journey. Let's review my 3 cycles.

IVF #1 - This is the first time I experienced killer cramps. I mean double over - this must be like labor (I know it's not really -humor me) - cramps. No other symptoms.

FET #1 - Well no cramps for FET #1 - but I am sure that was due to the PIO. I didn't get AF until a few days after I stopped the PIO. I also didn't have the backache and headache that I have now!

IUI#1 - Well IUI #1 had both pregnancy symptoms (headache and backache) as well as PMS symptoms (killer cramps).

IUI #2 - At 9 dpIUI NO PMS symptoms!!!

Holy moley!!

I am gonna PAOS on Tuesday.



GLouise said...

Ah! I am hoping and praying for you!!

Road Blocks and Rollercoasters said...

I HOPE THIS IS IT!!! Sometimes our intuition is just dead on and I'm praying that your intuition is right on the money! Keeping everything crossed for you and I look forward to hearing GOOD news on Tuesday! :)

Bea said...

I think it's very sensible to wait til at least Tuesday. But I wonder if you will? ;)


Delenn said...

I am keeping everything possible crossed for you. I don't think I can wait until Tuesday (can you?!!?) :-)

formerteacher said...

I am thinking positive thoughts!!! I can't wait to hear the 'official' good news!

Nica said...

Good luck!