Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dirty Needles

Today is my birthday.

Good news is my frosties come from 30 year old ovaries.

I started my special day with a special wanding from my RE RN.

Really, could a girl ask for anything more on her special day!

Overall I've had a lovely day.

Many happy wishes and news that my uterus is nice and ready for the transfer next Tuesday.

Harry is now cooking dinner for me :) and I think I have an erotic back rub in the cards!

I am out of small needles. I have one more injection of Lupron....

What's a girl to do?

Use a dirty needle that's what!

I went to the pharmacy to ask about purchasing just one needle-- that's all I need.

Nope I jhave to buy a whole pack...$13.00 -

Now that may seem like a trival amout compared to all the cash we've dished out for IVF but still it's the principle!

So, my romantic birthday eveing will consist of a homemade husband cooked meal, eaten naked over candle light, an erotic back massage, and a dirty needle.

What more can a girl ask for!


amanda said...

Happy Birthday and best of luck with the upcoming transfer!!!

Bea said...

Good luck for Tuesday! Apparently (so my FS tells me) my ovaries don't know when my birthday is. Or at least not exactly. Especially if it's a 2ww and there's no drinking.

Happy birthday.

Hope your injection went ok...


shazz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Hope you have a great night and good luck for Tues!!

serenity said...

Happy birthday! We are truly "cyclesistas" - my transfer should be next Wednesday. :)

Hope you had a great day!

Sheryl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had a wonderful day, and of course got that erotic back massage :)

Just another Jenny said...

I'm sad I missed the day. Happy Belated birthday. Your just a tiny bit younger than me.

seattlegal said...

Happy belated birthday! Good luck with the transfer!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well on your birthday.

You have a shitty pharmacist. Take your business elsewhere. My pharmacist has given me not only free needles, but free metformin and free progesterone suppositories to tide me over until I received the actual drugs in the mail. There is no excuse for not giving you one tiny needle.

Thalia said...

I hope you had a good birthday, erotic back rub and all.

Sunnie said...


Happy Birthday, Dirty Girl!

soralis said...

Happy Birthday!

Good luck!

Angie said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. Sounds like it was nice!