Monday, September 25, 2006

How I Got Thrown Out of W*LM*RT

Yes, it's true.

I was ejected from the premisses.

The Incredible Pink Hulk returned!

Thus our drama unfolds:

Harry and I purchased tires from W*LM*RT about 18 months ago. We purchased a tire protection plan that would allow protect us should we get a flat or any other hazard. All we had to do was come into our local W*LM*RT and have the tire repaired for free.

About 6 weeks ago Harry got a flat. So he took the tire into our local W*LM*RT for repair. He was told by one of their technicians that the tire was rotted and we needed to order new tires. We could order the tires and then have them sent to our local store.

So we did this.

Harry was notified that the tires had arrived. So he went in on Saturday to have his tires replaced.

First Harry was told he had ordered the wrong tires. But luckily for us they had a pair of our tires that a customer never picked up. Then the technician questions Harry on whether or not he is sure that the tires are corroded.

“Sir, how do you know your tires need replacing” questions the impudent technician.

“Well, because YOU told me to order new tires” replies Harry.

“Well, the technician may have made a mistake. He may have been on of our newer technicians and been over zealous” interjects the technician.

“Look, I just want my tires repaired or replaced. If they’re good then fine repair the one that is flat. IF they’re bad please put the new tires on.”

“Ok” says the technician – “It will be 3 hours.”

So, three hours later I return to pick up Harry’s car, after I had called to confirm that it was ready.

I arrive at the store and the lady at the register replies,

“The technician needs to speak with you.”

The technician arrives and says,

“Mame, your tires are rotted you need new tires.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “YES, I know my tires are bad, that is why WE ORDERED NEW TIRES. So, you haven’t done anything to my car.”


Needless to say I was fed up. The technician did offer to put the tires on my car. If I waited another hour. I got my car keys and left.

So, Sunday rolls around and Harry and I decide to go back and speak to the manager on duty and see if someone in leadership can help us out.

From the very beginning we were met with rudeness and made to feel as if we were a burden. The manager didn’t listen to what we had to say and kept interrupting us before we could tell our whole story. She would not let me tell her our experience and how we’ve been going round and round in a circle trying to get our tires replaced. Eventually she sends us back to the tire place with a note to discount our protection plan and replace our tires immediately.

So, Harry and I go back there and meet with the appropriate people. We are assured that our tires will be replaced in an hour to 90 minutes.

Harry and I go to lunch. Sitting at lunch we get a phone call.

“Mr. Harry, you ordered the wrong tires.”

We left lunch and went to pick up our car. I had the manager paged and 20 minutes later she arrived in a huff. If she had listened to me in the beginning she would have KNOWN we ordered the wrong tires and were using someone else’s tires.

She refused to listen even then and kept interrupting me.

“WE ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU” she kept saying..

That’s when I lost it and yelled at her:


At which she then asked me to leave the store.

Harry tried to push me out but I continued to yell for her supervisors name and district manger as Harry drags me out of the store.

So, I have been kicked out of a W*LM*RT.

How do you like them apples? Two days before my FET- I get thrown out of a W*LM*ART.

I am never going there again! I am beging a campaign for managerial reform in W*LM*RT and I WILL GET AN APOLOGY from that store!


Tomorrow is the FET.

I got the thaw report.

3 of the 4 frosteis made it. WHEW! I didn't know I was holding my breath until Lisa told me-- and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

BETA - October 6


formerteacher said...

First off, that is great news on your thaw report! 3 out of 4 sounds wonderful!!!
Secondly, I HATE Wal-Mart too!!! Make sure you do follow up and call the district manager, etc. They need ot know just how lousy their customer service really is. That manager deserves and needs to be reprimanded---BIG TIME! Sorry you had to deal with that crap right before you FET.

Anonymous said...

I hate Wlmrt. It's easy to stop shopping there.

October 6th... I do not envy this wait you've got ahead of you. May the time FLY.


Kellie said...

Good luck with your FET. SOunds like a good thaw report!

I think it's kind of cool you got thrown out of that store ;)

seattlegal said...

Wow. I've heard some really bad customer service stories where this store is concerned, but that one was just unbelievable!

Good luck with the FET!

sube said...

Unbelievable what passes (or doesn't) for customer service these days. You should seriously write them a letter.

Congrats on your three frosties!

serenity said...

My FET is tomorrow as well -- we're cycle buddies! Good luck tomorrow! :)

And btw - you should DEFINITELY write or get the district manager's name and number. Seriously. :)

Squirelguirrel said...

We are having a WalMart free week for you! Charlie tried to go to Walmart this morning, instead I packed up the Dob and we went to Food Lion. NO WALMART!

Love you!122D The previous 4 characters typed by the dob.