Monday, August 13, 2007

How Big Do Your Ovaries Get?

Today is day 5 of stims. I am doing ok. It's amazing how much this is like riding a bike. It comes so naturally!

I'd like to share few observations and then ask your opinion.


1. F STINGS! Man that puppy burns when its injected! I much prefer folli.stim.

2. I feel like a mad scientists! Mixing all my meds at night and keeping it all straight is a challenge. My sharps box is already over flowing!

3. FETs are much easier -- that's probably a stupid observation but true non the less.

4. I forgot how much my ovaries can hurt - owie! I am already needing to lie down and pull at the Tyl.en.ol and heating pad!

5. Harry is the sweetest guy. He is so sweet always trying to make me feel better. I am getting the royal treatment! He did all the laundry this weekend and is waiting on me hand and foot! I have to live it up now without taking to much advantage of his sweet disposition!

Now to the question.

I am debating between a 3 day and 5 day transfer. What are your thoughts/experiences?

My thoughts are that if my embryos can make it 5 days in a dish then I am willing to give them a chance in my womb. So much hope and emotion goes into each transfer. Does anyone have any hard evidence for one verses the other. I know my RE is partial to 3 day transfers. At the most I've had a 12 cell transfer. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for all the support! You all are so amazing!


Reproductive Jeans said...

A mad scientist is a funny (and accurate way) to put it!
Ive only done a 5 seems like such a toss up between what I hear about 3 vs. 5, so to end this rambling, I may not be the best person to offer advice=)

Lori said...

Given that it worked out for us, I'm pretty partial to a 5 day transfer if you can. We also didn't have anything left to freeze for a FET was out of the question if it hadn't worked. That felt like a very risky consequence of doing the 5 day.

Beagle said...

We did day 5 transfers.

Good Luck either way!

Bea said...

A five-day transfer gives (statistically speaking) a greater chance of pregnancy per transfer. I know you're not rolling in IVF funds and desire to do cycle after cycle, so it might be a good solution for you.

Having said that, some embryos will make it if transferred at three, but won't manage til 5 in the petri dish, so you do risk losing some. That's the downside.

Good luck, and I hope it doesn't get too uncomfortable in there!


formerteacher said...

I did a day three transfer. MY RE said that sometimes embyros just do better in the uterus than waiting two extra days in the lab. Glad I listened to him. He does do day five transfers, and I always thought they were best, but I guess not always. So that's all I know.

Thalia said...

advantages of 5 day:
- embryos have made it this far so are more likely to continue to make it
- embryos are ready to implant that day, so are being replaced into the uterus, into the right environment. Day 3 embryos are put back into the uterus despite the fact they'd actually be in the fallopian tubes at that point.
- higher overall chances of success for blast transfer

Disadvantages of 5 day:
-some of the embryos which would have made it to 5 day croak in the petri dish, but would have made it had they been inside you. You run the risk of having nothing to transfer
- minor increase in dna-linked diseases in babies born from blastocyst transfer - fragile x, prader-willi syndrome etc. MINOR increase, but still...
- this one depends on your clinic, blast culture is HARD so they need to be experienced at it to make it worth your while

Hard to decide. You can leave the decision to day 2/3, see how many embryos you have. If you have 6 or more that look ok at day 3, I'd say you're safe to go to blast. If not, I'd get them back in, sharpish.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Well I have had 4 fresh cycles, and 3 were day 5 and the only one that stuck was from a day 3 transfer. Too bad it was unbalanced, but since you don't have a translocation that shouldn't be an issue for you.

Bea said...

P.S. I love your word "skerd".


Becks said...

My UK clinic does between 2 and 3 day transfers as they believe the lab is a very harsh environment for an embryo to survive in. They believe that there's more chance of surviving in your uterus.

Anyway good luck for your next scan, hope there's lots of follies to report on.

Mony said...

We did 5 day transfers (3 times)
I didn't get a choice however!

Good Luck!

soralis said...

My clinic pretty much only does 3 day txfrs. They believe the embies are best back inside. Anyway good luck!