Monday, August 20, 2007

An Update, Compliment, Question, and a Thank You

Well the girls are doing their job nicely.

I've got a few big ones and lots of little one gestating. RE wants to go a few more days. She thinks the trigger will be Wednesday with the retrieval on Friday.

I received the nicest compliment this morning.

Scene: legs in stirrups- wand inserted

RE: "You really seem to be approaching this differently"

translation: "You're not as obsessive, crazy, nuts-o, maniac, loony, and annoying this cycle"

ME: "really?"

RE: "Yeah, you seem calmer"

ME: "Well, maybe therapy is helping"

I wonder how bad I was before. Unfortunately my calmness is a symptom of heartbreak and pain. Having been through the wringer once I know what heartache lies around the corner.

My RE was going to put me on a new progesterone cream. I was very excited as the PIO are horribly painful and I hate the prom.etrium suppositories. As my longtime faithful readers may remember I did suppositories for IVF/ISCI #1 and had horrible cramping and started my period before my BETA. I never had any cramping with PIO and AF didn't arrive until after PIOs were discontinued.

Well the lovely insurance industry has disallowed my new cream! Jerks! So it's either PIO or suppositories. My RE seems to think that suppositories will be just fine-- but I am a little concerned. Here again lies my insanity.

Part of me wants to trust the doctor but another part of me is terrified the suppositories don't work. I am going to bring it up Wednesday for my final scan. Any thoughts or comments?

Thank You:
Many thanks to all my blogfriends! You've been so helpful and encouraging! You're a fantastic support system and I hope I can return the favor.


Delenn said...

I don't know, but it seems to me that if the suppositories caused you problems last time, it might be better to take the shots. I just ice up real good and it works out fine. (And if the oil seems to be lumping up, I sit on a heating pad for a bit). Just my 2 cents.

Good luck!!

soralis said...

Good luck.

Can they maybe check your levels to ensure the suppositories are working and put your mind to ease?