Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am Rock Star!

Well I always knew that one! I've been tagged here so it's time to share the bling!

Becks - She's my 2ww English buddy! A brave girl going through IVF #2 she's relatively new to IVF. Fingers crossed for her!
Bea - A true veteran an inspiration! I can always count on Bea to provide quality information and support! She just got a positive BETA! So go congratulate her!
Beagle - After many, many ART cycles Beagle's decided to travel down the road of adoption! She's got her application in and is waiting for her baby to come home! She's a real trooper and I'd admire her courage and perseverance!
Jenny - My fellow name sake! We both started IVF #1 at the same time. Neither of us walked away with a BFP. But Jenny's FET #1 gave her the very beautiful Olivia! What a doll! She's enjoying motherhood and still feels the sting of IF. She's been there for me and still checks in.
Ms. Infertile - A new blogger I've just met. She's starting this journey.
I could go on and on! You're all fabulous!


Reproductive Jeans said...

Very well deserved!

Becks said...

Ahhh, you are sooo sweet. Thanks for the nomination. There's so much love out there...let's hope the positivity helps us xx

Bea said...

Cheers for the nomination, Sunny J! And congrats on yours - you surely are a rockin' girl blogger.


Beagle said...

You are so sweet! Thanks and congrats!