Thursday, January 19, 2006

Me, Me, ME!!!

I started this blog so that I could share my story with others. The immense feeling of being alone and feeling isolated overwhelmed me. Finding a place where I can speak and be heard has been tremendously helpful.

Although this blog is about our infertility it's also about me. I am much more than my infertility. So, to help you to get to know me better:

50 Things you should know about me

  1. I am a Christian
  2. I am not an obnoxious Christian
  3. I've been "obese/overweight" my whole life*
  4. * except for those 2 days in January 2000 when I was just fat
  5. I love all things British
  6. I married a Brit
  7. I am a daddy's girl
  8. my mother is mentally ill
  9. I have a strained relationship with my mother
  10. my mother immigrated from Italy when she was 5
  11. My maternal grandmother was the world to me
  12. She died in 2003 while I was in England on vacation and I missed her funeral
  13. I still miss my grandma everyday
  14. I am crying now as I just typed #13
  15. Then again I cry at the opening of an envelop
  16. My father joined the USN when I was 2
  17. We moved a lot
  18. I am not really "from" anywhere
  19. When people ask me where I am from I say "my parents"
  20. I have 2 brothers
  21. I am the oldest
  22. I've been off and on Weight Watchers for 18 months
  23. The most weight I ever lost was 80 lbs.
  24. I gained it all back when I got married
  25. I have PCOS - probably due to my weight
  26. I can speak Spanish
  27. Except to people who speak Spanish
  28. I prefer tea over coffee
  29. I put milk in my tea
  30. I am an excellent cook
  31. I can't spell
  32. I met my husband over the internet
  33. He told me he would marry me 7 days after meeting online
  34. We were married 400 days later
  35. I am a nurturer
  36. Except when I am tired then leave me alone
  37. I am generally optimistic
  38. I am a control freak
  39. I need a plan
  40. I like to make others laugh
  41. I repeat myself a lot
  42. I love children
  43. I almost died while white water rafting
  44. I almost killed my future sister-in-law while white water rafting
  45. I had my first kiss at 24 in New Orleans
  46. I am a cosmetic junkie
  47. I don't look like a cosmetic clown
  48. I wear granny panties
  49. I don't suffer from PMS
  50. My husband is a lucky bastard


N said...

Oh my god! I met my Better Helf also over the internet. Isn't that funny! :-D. I have several things in common with!