Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Name, Same Place

After reading so many wonderfully funny and quirky blogs, I've spiced my title up a bit! I've kept the same URL for my two devoted fans!

My new title reflects my feelings of doubt, fear, and optimism. Infertile Myrtle is my way of naming myself in an attempt to find the humor in this situation. I do look at this whole process as a journey. In many ways it will be a journey of self discovery as well as marital discovery. It's precarious because I don't know what to except. I KNOW what's going to happen. I have a plan. But I don't know what the journey is going to be like. I chose the word peregrination to describe the journey because on the offset I feel that it will be a long one. One that I'll take one step at a time.

Infertile Myrtle out ...


Kristi said...

Hey Jenny. Just wanted to stop by and wish you all the luck in the world with IVF. It's a long and scary road, but the end results can make everything worth while. Good luck!

formerteacher said...

Good luck as you navigate through the IVF process. It wasn't as bad as I always figured IVF would be; never thought I'd do it in a million years but so glad I did! Just take it one step at a time.