Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Props to da Sistas

This post is a tribute to all the people who've been so supportive and encouraging throughout our struggle with infertility. Specifically to my two sister-in-laws A & L.

I am the oldest of three. Needless to say when number 2 was born I was a little jealous. I do remember desperately wanting a little sister. Not quite happy with a brother I learned to be a bossy big sis. Number 3 came along and good old mom & dad popped out yet another male sibling. I was 9 this time so bro #3 was more like my own little baby. I use to wake him up so I cold play with him. I was 9! I always wanted a sister. Dear old dad was in the USN so we moved every three years. I never really had any close girl friends. I always wanted a sister. Much to my chagrin bro #2 didn't really like playing dress up and getting his hair curled or playing Barbies. The parentals informed me that there was no chance for a #4. With their track record I really didn't want to risk it anyway.

I didn't form any real close bonds with other women until college. Growing up as a military brat you're always waiting to leave so you learn to build walls and never get too close to people. I have friends but never those close life long friends.

It took marriage to get me a sister. When I married my dh I got the best SIL a girl could ask for. Unfortunately L lives in another country! But even though there is an ocean between us we've managed to grow quite close. We often joke that if dh and I split up I get to keep his family. Then there's bro# 2's wife. A was a friend is college who I asked to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. At said wedding A met bro #2 and less than a year later was married too! At the reception I tried to give a speech saying how I always wanted Bro #2 to be a sister but God knew what he was doing and gave me a great bro and know he's giving me a sister too. Regrettably, all anybody heard we pathetic sobs and and mucous sniffs as I bawled away into the microphone!

Both A & L are little fertile myrtles. A is the SIL who is expecting any day now and L has two lovely daughters and is a grandma to the most delicious and cheeky boy I know. They have both offered unending support and encouragement throughout this whole ordeal. It was A who turned me onto the whole blog arena. They've never utter a stupid, "there's always adoption", or said, "Relax then you'll get pregnant." They've cried with and for me and helped me to come to terms with our infertility.

So to my SILs (who are lurkers of this blog) I give you props! Thank you so much for your love and strength. To all the other women who have offered encouragement and advice thank you a million times. Having read your stories and shared in your experiences have really helped me to cope with infertility and IVF.


Jay said...

That's really lovely to hear; I have 3 sisters myself and am not close to them. My sister in law is only 12, so needless to say, we don't have much in common.