Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Lumps, My Lumps, My Lovely ....


Harry sang this song to me this morning as he shot me up. Oh yes my friends my ass is a lumpy bumpy mess!

Well, I made it through the injections only to be tortured by their aftermath. I am not complaining (well maybe a little) but my hiney hurts! It's bruised and sore. But I'll survive I am sure.

I read an awesome post this morning.
Bea is suffering from a "Chance Event" and offers some perspective on loss and grief for those of us in the midst of the turmoil. My heart goes out to her.

We all deal differently with our IVF cycles and have very different view points and perspectives. Some of us use our heads and logic while others use our hearts and emotions. Neither method is right and neither is wrong. They're just different.

Well, tomorrow is the day. I am strangely calm but could freak out at any moment.


**** UPDATE ****

Got the FET Thaw report! We have 3 --count them 3 lovely embryos at 100% a total of 6 were thawed - so three didn't make it. Getting excited now! Beta is scheduled for June 12!


Just another Jenny said...

I''ll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope that the pain in your arse isn't too bad.

wannabmom214 said...

Praying for you!

soralis said...

Sorry about your hiney!

Take care and good luck tomorrow.

Hopeful Mother said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Hang in there!

amanda said...

Woo hoo for your 3! Good luck tomorrow!

serenity said...

I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

Sorry about the lumpy bum... but hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I will be thinking of you tomorrow! I hope that your tranfer goes smoothly.

Maya said...

Lucky #3. That is truly my favorite number. I hope that your bump on your backside is soon to be complimented by a "bump" on your front side. :) Heehee

Bea said...

Aw, Sunny Jenny! It means so much you've mentioned me like this. I didn't realise you'd done it.

Your FET has come around faster than I expected - I'm sure it doesn't feel fast to you, I just had this idea it wasn't for a while yet! I'm admonishing all your little embryos to be good and work hard in there in the meantime. Giving them a very stern talking-to, I am.

June 12 - I'll be thinking of you that day.

Hope you don't freak out too much in between...


Meg said...

jenny - best of luck, I am glad to hear that three made the thaw. (I hate that lady lumps song!)

kze said...

I am dreading the PIO shots as well!! I lucked out and did not have to do them for the fresh cycle but RE says must do for the FET...bummer.

Good luck today!!! Great news about your 3 beautiful embies!!