Sunday, May 07, 2006

Where Life Takes Us...

It all started out hopeful and dare I say even exciting. Isn't that how most tragedies begin.

There were three of us. In my mind anyway. Three women from different countries with different life experiences about to undergo the same emotional and physical roller coaster that is IVF. Three Amigos - too comical, Three Musketeers - too predictable, Three Cycle Buddies - too uncouth. Just three ladies embarking on three different journeys that are tied together by the yoke that is infertility.

Jenny, Nina, and I all started out giddy and full of excitement. Ready for some success, ready to finally make some headway in our search for procreation. Unbeknown to them I linked our journeys together. Subconsciously or consciously, I checked in each day to see how we were progressing. There are many other women/couples on the same road, journeying with us through this precarious experience. However, I connected to these two. The three of us, very different yet very much the same.

Where did our journey take us? To misery.

You'd think 1 out of 3 should find success? Not so for us.

I have no words to share, not whit to impart, no hope or excitement to give...

What we've been through, what we've felt...

the hollowness
the bitterness
the anguish and the grief

I am so sorry you're here with me... this rest stop of despair

Rest Up

May you find the shard of strength and a glimmer of hope in this brokenness to continue on . . .


N said...

Shit statistics. We really suck! I just posted about it today as well. So you, Jenny and me are right in the "it's fucking not fair" club! Hate the club. Hate it!

To you I wish you the best of luck for your FET. Let's change those stats!!!!!

Takre care!

Just another Jenny said...

I too had linked us together. A bunch of newbies on there first IVF journey - surely at least one, if not two of us would make it - right? So wrong! I was so shocked first at your loss, then Nina's and to round it all off, my own. I guess fate has linked on this journey for a little longer. The only solice is the good company along the way. I am so thankful for you and my other sisters, what would I do without you???

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am so sorry for all that the 3 of you have been through recently. It is so unfair. Lets hope that things start to turn around soon, and that all of us on this difficult journey get our wishes.