Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Up and Down

You know I don't think this FET is going to work...

Why should it?

Why should something go right in my IVF hell? Seriously

The odds are against us...

What will I do with another failure?

Still... we're moving on... I am reading all these blogs of newbies starting their first innocent....I wish them the best... I don't want anymore bitter women on the IVF FAILED Team.

So far in the cycle so good.... no new news.... A FET is much different than a Fresh cycle... Our only question is do we transfer 2 or 3 babies--doomed for death...

I know I sound completely morbid...but look at the stats!

For all my IVF sisters who have recently suffered a BFN, I am so sorry for you. Unfortunately I can't offer any sisterly advice or be an example of a sister who lived to tell about it.

Well that's all my ramblings for now. I'd like to know your thoughts on a 2 or 3 embryo transfer.

Blessings to you all.


Okay I am back... been doig some FET research... Here's what I found

Well that's only a 8.4% difference....


Alli said...

That's tough - I'm wishing you the best on your transfer. The IF rollercoaster sucks.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am wishing you all the best with this FET. I hope that you are plesantly surprised at the end of it. Hugs to you!

soralis said...

Good luck with your FET. One of my transfers one of the nurses told me that some people have better luck with a Frozen cycle than the fresh cycle due to the drugs. (Don't know if it is true or not but it made me feel better!! :) )

I wish you the best and I hope the FET does the trick for you.

Take care and good luck

serenity said...

Funny, I heard the same thing soralis heard too from a nurse in my clinic too. All I know is that our chances of conceiving naturally are VERY low, and at my clinic a FET brings us up to the rate of fertiles - 20%.

2 versus 3 embryos? That's a tough question. J is adamant that we not transfer any more than 2, so I expect we'll thaw more than that and use the best two.

Personally, if it were just my decision, for my FET I'd probably transfer 3. I don't have the fear of multiples like my husband does though.

Good luck, and hang in there. I can totally relate to feeling as if you're the "FAILED IVF" girl.

Hugs -

Anonymous said...

Transfer 3. The stats that you have are for one embryo. The more embies you transfer, the higher the stats... which is why I was so furious when my fresh cycle failed. I transferred three, but now we know that if it had not been for my blood condition we may very well have had a viable pregnancy.

So go for three. The worst that could happen would be triplets, and those odds are slim. The best that could happen would be twins (the proverbial two birds with one stone -- except in the FET case it's two stones because it's the second string). And a singleton would be great as well...

Go for three. A trinity. A trifecta. A trilogy. The Holy Number Three.

Sunny Jenny said...

Triplets....YIKES! Well that would eliminate the need for any more ART! Thanks for all the advice! I think we're going with a Holy Trinity transfer! -- loved your analogy Spanglish! :)