Monday, May 08, 2006

When You're Down ...

... Life (Karma, Fate, God, etc.. pick the word of your choice) kicks you in the nuts!

Got a call this morning at 9:15 a.m. (I decided to take a sick day. Not particularly sick just feeling blah)

Caller ID : RE Clinic

Me: Hello
RE: Hello Jennifer this is Tina
ME: Hi Tina
Tina: Well we just got word your insurance won't cover a FET so we're switching you to a fresh cycle.
Me: What???!!!
Tina: Insurance doesn't cover FET but will cover a fresh cycle...
Me: What?? Well how much does a FET cost?
Tina: Why would you want to pay when your insurance will cover a fresh cycle
Me: How much
Tina: well everything total 3600
Me: Is that $36,000 or $3,600.00
Tina: $ 3,600.00
Me: Ok...(still in shock)
Tina: But you don't want to pay...
Me: but that means I have to go through another egg retrieval again
Tina: Yeah
Me: I don't....shaky voice...what is going on
Tina: I know this is a shock but you don't have to make a decision now
Me: They won't pay for a FET???!!
Tina: No.
Me: I have a week until my period starts..I call back
Tina: OK take some time to think about everything.
Me: Thanks...


Jesus Christ can I get a break! Can we all get a fucking break!

I really can't think of anything else to say.. Harry came home and we cried for about 2 hours together.... he's says he'll do whatever I want...but I know he wants a fresh cycle...

God DAMN IT! I should have stayed under my FUCKING ROCK.


soralis said...

That's just crazy!! I am so sorry about that news... sheesh a Frozen cycle is only $600 or so dollars at my clinic (plus drugs, but I have coverages for those).

Good luck with your decision. Take care.

amanda said...

What the fuck indeed. If it were me (and I know it's not so you can just chalk this up to assvice) I would go ahead and do another fresh. A paid for fresh vs. an out of pocket FET would make it easy for me to decide. Not only is the $ a factor but success rates for fresh are generally a good bit higher than for FETs. I guess I'm biased, though, since I've had more success with fresh cycles (success being a relative term, of course). You have to do what you feel the most comfortable with, though. Good luck deciding.

UtRus said...

that is retarded. are these insurance companies IDIOTS?? before anything, i would personally call your insurance company and speak to a supervisor of some sort. make sure there hasn't been a mistake.

i wish my insurance would pay for friggin ANYTHING.

serenity said...

That is so FVCKING STUPID. I second utrus's comment- call and find out WHY it's not covered... makes NO sense.

But I *do* want you to know that I can relate 1000%... I am not sure I have the strength go through the fresh cycle again knowing now that there's a 50/50 chance a BFN is waiting on the other end. I just don't know if I can do it.

Hang in there. I hope you and your husband come to a conclusion that you both can be happy with.


formerteacher said...

I hate insurance companies!!! Neither one of our insurance companies would pay a dime for infertility treatments, and there is a mandate here in IL. They got out of it due to being private, whatever!
Do they understand that they will have to pay A LOT more for a fresh cycle?!!! My friend's insurance pays for FOUR IVF cycles, fresh or frozen.
I totally understand your reservations about another retrieval. You had a bad experience. You should probably discuss your reservations with them.
As Amanda said fresh has higher success rates, and you wouldn't be out 3,600 dollars, but it's the emotional part that is hard ot take.
This is all such bullshit! I certainly hope you catch a break soon. This is too much!

Anonymous said...

Meh -- the thought of a fresh cycle or attempting FET gives me the heebies at this point, but ESPECIALLY the thought of a fresh cycle. It's so goddam much to go through emotionally and physically. The FET is at least easier physically.

Utrus is a smart cookie. Call the insurance company. And if they really won't pay, and if you really don't want a fresh cycle, ask the clinic if they will work out a payment plan for you.

Fresh cycles do have a better success rate, but follow your heart. You know your own limits.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

That is insane! A frozen cycle is far less expensive than a fresh cycle. Why would they rather pay more for a fresh cycle when you already have frozen embryos? I agree with the others. I would call them, and demand to be put through to a supervisor.

I am sorry that you are going through this. You definitely deserve a break. Hugs!

wannabmom214 said...

Sooo frustrating! I hadn't even thought of this problem, although it could soon be ours as we are in 2ww...

As if IF weren't difficult enough as it is.

Bea said...

That. Is. Absurd.


Bea said...

Ok, I've calmed down a bit.

Obviously, this is your choice and very complicated blah blah blah.

I would go with the less-risk-to-my-health FET option. But this is most likely because we are not on the breadline, and being in Oz the costs are lower, so I can have the luxury of focussing on my health.


Alli said...

That sucks - sorry that happened. Infertility is a cruel bitch. Take care.

Angie said...

That's seriously F'ed up! Why would they pay for the far more expensive route? Sorry you're going through this, if it helps, our insurance doesn't even cover the doctor visit! Anything IF, they won't even consider. Before we started down this path, we thought it was good insurance.. HA!