Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hope vs. Denial

What's the difference?

I am I just full of hope that this FET actually worked and I should still hold out hope that I am pregnant


I am just in denial, unable to face reality, and still completely and utterly barren?

What's the difference between hope and denial?

Hope is just Denial sugar coated and washed up so people don't think we're ready to be institutionalized.

It sounds nicer to say "I am very hopeful this cycle worked"

rather than

"I am in complete denial that my womb has killed yet again 3 offspring"

much nicer...


Sarah said...

Hope is still alive over here too...for now! Good luck and I really hope that the FET worked.

Bea said...

No, that's not true. Hope isn't denial sugar-coated.

Hope is just focussing on the little bright light, and believing it could be true.

Denial is focussing on the big, empty black, and telling yourself it's not.

They're not the same thing. Rather, they fit together like one of those optical illusions where you suddenly realise you're looking at a vase, as well as a face.

What time do you find out for sure? I'll be here, waiting.


Meg said...

Sometimes I think everything is just in the way we say it. I hope things turn out for you, Jenny.

Sunnie said...

Nope, I agree with Bea. Hope and Denial are not even distant cousins. :)

serenity said...

Hope is the yang to denial's ying. I agree with bea here and couldn't have put it any better.

I have found that it is much easier to be full of hope for someone other than oneself.

I will be hoping for you, Jenny... and waiting for the good news.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am thinking of you today. I hope that you have wonderful news for us very soon. Hugs!

Just another Jenny said...

I am still hoping for you, no reason for denial yet! It's beta day soon, not much longer now.

Just another Jenny said...

Please ignore my comment - makes no sense now that I've gone back and read your last few posts. I am still hanging onto hope though - damn those evil pee sticks!