Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I keep having flashbacks to IVF #1.

I keep comparing how I felt 7dp3dt last time and how I feel today.

So far no cramps.

You may think that give me comfort but not really.... it's probably just the PIO.

I keep waiting for the cramps... expecting a twinge...a pull....just waiting for the inevitable end of this FET dream. I am consumed.

Sometimes I forget I am with embryo and when I remember this limbo we're in I am like,

"Man, it was so nice to forget"

Harry and I are both going manic. Wanting our babies to stick and not wanting to "get attached" -pardon the pun - to the thought of being parents.

I have no symptoms of pregnancy.

well at 7dp3dt my embies are either dead, dying, or growing.

I am praying for growing.


Sarah said...

Glad that you aren't having any cramps yet...they freak me out every 20 minutes. I am sure that this isn't working! Hope that the 2ww goes by fast for you and the cycle is a success.

Tag, you are it! Check out my blog for more details!

Just another Jenny said...

I'm praying for you too! I hope that this is your turn to get some good news.

Thalia said...

I'm hoping very hard for you that they are growing, too.

Debbie said...

I'm hoping with all my will that they are growing also.

Dawn said...

I'm hoping for you too.

Sunnie said...

Jenny....I feel every one of these words. I pray for the best for you. *hug*

Meg said...

Jenny - I hope for #3 too. x

Shazz said...

Sending heaps of sticky vibes your way, good luck with the rest of the 2ww.

seattlegal said...

I hope you get some great news this cycle!

Just another Jenny said...

Hey Sunny, I was tagging you on the list I did a few posts back - the 5 things one - 5 things in your fridge, closest, car and purse.
I hope things are going well, the last week is so hard. I've been thinking of you.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I hope that your little ones still going strong, and that you have wonderful news for us very soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!