Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Ball is ROLLING...

I made the call. Of course because I had good news! Here is a summation of our conversation:

Me: Hello, it's me today is CD1! I finally started!
Wonderful RE RN: FINALLY! I was beginning to wonder what happened
Me: Me too! It was 44 days this cycle
WRR: That's because you were stressing about having your period
Me: probably
WRR: Ok, Let's schedule those test...
Me: wait! Now can you explain to me what's going to happen again (only the 99th time)
WRR: Ok, we're going to do a mock implantation so the doc knows where to lay the embryos and then the water sono.
Me: yeah about that water sono..
WRR: It's not the HSG test
Me: Yeah but is it gonna hurt?
WRR: Not really some women experience cramping. We fill the uterus with saline to see if there are any polyps or other abnormalities.
Me: yeah but is it gonna hurt?
WRR: no...I'll transfer you to the receptionist to schedule the tests...

Receptionsit: Hello

Me: Is the water sonos gonna hurt...

Wonderful Receptionist also informed me that she doesn't hear any complaints about those two procedures. So that's good. At least I know wonderful receptionist hasn't heard any screams of terror or pain coming from the test room. I'll sleep much better now.


Kellie said...

Hi there. The water sono does not hurt, or it didn't hurt for me. That is in contradistinction to the HSG which I found to be quite uncomfortable (read: PAINFUL).

Good luck with your tests!

PortLairge said...

Yeah for cycle day 1