Monday, February 13, 2006

A Few, ughm, Questions, Please...

Ok, I've spent way to much time hypothesizing my first (I hesitat in numbering the cycle hoping it will be my first and last) IVF cycle! I need some advice from some veteran IVF ers.
If I go in for my baseline u/s and blood work on 2 -22:
will I start my Lupron on the same day or the next day?
When will I start my Follistm (don't know how to spell that word) injections?
How long will I be a hormonal raving lunatic (as opposed to the regular lunatic I am now)?
When will they do the egg retrieval?
When will I be implanted?
Will Harry empty the dishwasher today?
Will I have a girl or a boy?
Will I ever win the lotto?
What will my due date be?
ok ok...It's pathetic...Maybe I should call the psychic hotline. Maybe Mama Jo-Jo has more information than me! I need a timeline! I need a schedule! UGH! Well I've waited two years! In one week I'll have my bloody schedule.

Watch me get a kick in the ass and nothing go according to plan!

You know that's how it's gonna be!

Harry did not empty the dishwasher (he was home all day)! But he did buy me a card and gift for V-Day. I think I would have liked an empty dishwasher better.


Lori said...

I'm no veteran but here's what info I have:
I start Lupron on 3/5 while I'm still on BCPs and my u/s and bloodwork will be around 3/12 which is when they expect I'll start gonal-f.
I wish I had more insight for you!
And I think Harry will empty the dishwasher...

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog today. I am also from NOVA and have recently undergone my first IVF cycle. Unfortunately, we were not successful the first time, but are ready to try again. Don't worry, you'll make it through, and all of the injections and appointments will be surprisingly routine after a few days. Let me know how it goes....I'll check back for updates.

JoAnne said...

Hi! Also from NOVA!
I had two IVF's, first was ectopic and second resulted in my baby boy last May. It depends on the exact protocol your RE uses.. I stared lupron while on BC, then 5 days after a period started on stims. That lasted about 10 days for me, then did HCG. 36 hours after that shot, had the retrival. My RE likes to go to blast stage, so my transfers were 5 days after retrival.
You will be surprised how fast it starts to go!

April said...

It'll be faster than you expect - which is the extent of my assvice for the day.

Hoping it is anyway...

Just another Jenny said...

Here's my "newbie" attempt at assvice.
Yes, you will be a hormonal lunitic because I am sure I will be.
The math on the due date (this is my math, yours may be different): Day 1 of my period + 22 days later start synarel + 14 later start gonal + 13 days later trigger + 4 days later retrieval (I think this is a little fuzzy) + 3 days later transfer = conception date. To figure out "last period date", just subtract 14 days from the conception date.
For all my dates I was given ranges (ie. 10-16 days of gonal) so I just went with the mid date. It is an estimate only, but it's fun to try and guess - it helps pass the time.