Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stupid PCOS

SO today was suppose to be the day I start my first IVF cycle. Hardy har har! My RE RN just phoned and told me I haven't quite ovulated yet. Of course I haven't ovulated! What else would you except! So I am going in next Tuesday for another blood draw to see if I can start then.

But RE RN did give me my Lupron Kit! he he

Here is a picture of the kit that will make me a hormonal lunatic!

And ladies, not to worry! It comes with detailed instructions with pictures!!

Well little Lupron kit....back in the fridge for you! One more week of hibernation!

...To be continued...- once my ovaries cooperate!


PortLairge said...

I'm sorry. It's hard to be so close and then have it taken away. I hope Tuesday comes quickly.

formerteacher said...

Sorry you weren't able to start today! I never used Lupron; I used Antagon. Doesn't matter. They both do the same thing. Good luck!

Just another Jenny said...

That sucks! Waiting is the worst part.
I will be using Synarel but your box of needles is very impressive.
It'll be so fun to find out what menopause is like (kidding of course).