Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sick In the Head

Geez Louise! I am still over here waiting! I've been bloated and pre-menstrual for 3 weeks now. I am convinced this is due to screwing with my metformin prescription. Dang it! My SIL says its karma for # 49 (see post Me, Me, ME!!!). To top off my missing period I am freakin' sick. I have a horrible cough and have been near death for many days now. Okay that's a bit of an exaggeration but I was sick enough to stay home from work and lie on the couch all day wrapped in three blankets with the space heater pointed directly on me. In my haze of sickness I watched Bambi and cried a snot load of mucus when Bambi's mother died. PATHETIC! Simply pathetic!

I want to post something exciting! Something news worthy! I am so freakin stuck! I suppose I should call my RE and let her know what's going on with my cycle. I think I am afraid of bad news. I know I am avoiding it. I am afraid I am going to miss out and have to wait another blinking 34 days for my next period before I can begin injections for IVF. Grrrrrrrr!

I am going to call tomorrow...

...or maybe Friday


Lori said...

Call tomorrow!!! I'm so sorry you're STILL waiting - it's got to be just maddening!
I hope you're feeling better soon!