Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Best Book I've Found

I went to visit my new nephew over the long weekend! We had a wonderful time and I was able to watch him get a bath, help change a diaper, and hold hold hold his precious little body!

All of us, Me, Harry, New Mommy A, New Daddy C , and Button, went out for a day of shopping and riding in his stroller for the first time!

While out we went to Barnes and Noble. While browsing the Women's Health Section (where else would I be?), I came across this book, The Couple's Guide to In Vitro Fertilization: Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Your Chances of Success by Liza Charlesworth. Hands down this is the GREATEST book I've come across for anyone tackling the stupendous journey of IVF! ABSOLUTELY yourself and get this book! To my dear friend, Jenny from the IF block, they have time tables and charts! I actually have an idea of what I am about to undergo!


Tomorrow I start my Lupron injections! YIPPPEEE!! My last day as a non-hormonal raving lunatic!

Oh the blessed insanity of it all!


N said...

I know! I looooove the book myself. Got it last week and am devouring it :-). It's so well written, particularly for people who are new to IVF and are just about to start the first cycle....I can just hold with you!


Take care! And good luck with the hormones...hmm....Harry must be looking forward to the lunatic that will emerge the next couple of days/weeks ;-)


seattlegal said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Hopefully very soon I will be starting on my first IVF cycle, and I'll need a good book to help me get through it. I also recommend The Infertility Survival Handbook - though not just about IVF, it does have some good advice and recommendations.

PortLairge said...

This too was my favorite book and one of the first I read. I never found a better one.

Just another Jenny said...

OMG - I was reading your post thinking - THANK GOD, finally a decent IVF book recomendation. Then you even mentioned me and it made me feel all special and made me smile. How did you know I would want it too?
I am off to Amazon. I have been trying to remember to go to to click the link to Amazon, that way they get a few cents for that great message board they run for us.
You have no idea how much I like to research and read. My "taking charge of your fertility" book was well loved - too bad it didn't do much good (although I do consider myself an expert on TTC now).

Sunny Jenny said...

Just another Jenny! I was actually in Barnes and Noble reading the book thinking: "Just another Jenny would LOVE this book!" It's strange how I often think of all of you through out the day. It's amazing how the internet can connect people and lives. I knew you would love it because she's very systematic in her explanation and offers timelines and very detailed explanations in layman’s terms! Let me know what you think when you read it!

Just another Jenny said...

I just ordered it. I can't wait, I'll be checking the mail daily.

We have the same name, we are both MF and we are both doing our first cycle close to the same time - it is so nice to find people that you can relate to.
I agree, the connection the internet brings is amazing. I am so glad to have met you. You feel like an old friend already.

Sunny Jenny said...

JAJ - Yes, we also have WW in common too! I really haven't shared that bit but its true! I am a WW gal! of course we share the greatest name ever!! :)