Thursday, February 16, 2006

One Pill to Get Bigger....One Pill to Get Smaller...

Well it goes something like that! I am still trying to work through all the different hormones I'll be on and let me tell you it's a wonderful journey of discovery! So, yesterday I phoned the pharmacy my RE uses to see if my meds are ready. My RE RN was going to phone in my Rx last Thursday after my harrowing experience. Well I phoned said pharmacy yesterday and low and behold they've never heard of phoned in Rx...nothing...nada.... So I did what any reasonable gal would do...I phoned my RE RN to see what is going on! Well RE RN was gone for the day so I left a message. She is a good RN and she phoned me this morning. Turns out my insurance loves me so much they're going to mail me all my meds! (Oh the joy!) But my RN has only received the approval for the Follistim not the Lupron or Menopur. Imagine that an insurance system has lost a referral! They won't take her word for it that I NEED Luporn and Menopur but instead she has to resubmit the whole blasted thing! But my darling RE RN has assured me that she has Lurpon I can borrow (I may have to put a kidney up for collateral) in case mine doesn't arrive by next week.--Yippee Skippy!

Oh the Drama!

So here's my med. sched.
I start with 10 u of Lupron
I am guessing that's gonna bring on AF -- but if not then I call 11 days after starting Lupron

Then I start all the other lovely hormones
I'll greet my morning with a cheery stab of Follistim
And close the day jabbing myself with Menopur and Lupron
all the while remembering to take my best friend Metformin

See, I am figuring this whole thing out! My murkiness has become less murky!

When I explain all these dramatic and news worthy details, Harry, being the strong supportive husband that he is, has his own very important question...
"How do you make a hormone?"
As I contemplate my answer, he responds
"Don't pay her"

Yes, my husband shouldn't quit his day job.


Lori said...

I hope you get the meds in time and get squared away with the insurance. Why the insurance company thinks they know more about the meds you need than your own specialist is beyond me.

Just another Jenny said...

insurance is just such a hassle with all IF, I haven't heard of any ins. co that doesn't lose some of the paper work. You should just go self-pay like us (I am teasing of course).
Sounds like the cycle is starting to make some sense.
Have you been able to figure out when the transfer might be?

Sunny Jenny said...

Well just another jenny... using your scientific method of calculation... I've calculated my transfer to March 23 and IF this is successful an edd of 12/15.

PortLairge said...

Oh it's so great to get all the meds and get yourself organized. You finally feel like you are doing something and then the insurance company put a spanner in the works. I hate that.

Heather P. said...

Hope you get your meds intime.