Saturday, February 25, 2006

Looking for a Few Good Ideas

Ok I am looking for some ideas. I've heard/read about women wearing "fertility" items during er and implantation. I am looking for a bracelet idea or some fun looking socks to wear! Don't you think that would be funny! Goofy looking socks and me birthday suit! Have any of you heard of such things? Did anyone wear anything for treatments/er/implantation?

Small disclaimer here: Of course I am not putting my faith in these items. My faith rests in God. I am really looking for these socks and or jewelry to represent my faith and trust but most importantly my hope in this IVF cycle. So I am opening it up! What do you think?

Update: Whoa whoa..not so many suggestions all at once :) Well, I've had to do some investigating of my own! Here are a few things I've found.

Of course, leave it to a fellow blogger to have already "
been there done that!"

Other than that I haven't found much...

I've read on various websites that the folllowing animals are symbols of fertility



Now I have to choose which one. I want more info on each. I did read that frogs are protectors of newborns.

Thanks to A and little Button I have a great site to find my socks!

Now I just have to choose!!


Anonymous said...

God's gonna love your socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just another Jenny said...

hmmmm, I don't have anything either and was thinking the same thing.
I thinks socks are a good idea. My mom is a knitting manic so I am going to call her and see what see can do to knit the warmest, brightest, silliest socks she can. My mom isn't too reliable so I better have a back up. I'll be checking back to see if you get any good ideas.

A said...

Considering that the internet is a huge means of communication for you now and throughout your history.... Button and I found these socks which may help you represent your emotions in a familiar way, though you will be in an unfamiliar situation:

Heather P. said...

I wore a necklace with a fertility goddess on it for the first one. Of coarse my faith is in God too I held it and prayed to HIM. Yes I did get a positive. I lost her at 19.2 weeks and I don't think the necklace had anything to do with it. However I didn't wear it for the 2nd one and I am holding a baby now.

Just another Jenny said...

Hey Sunny - I couldn't get into your site all weekend. I had a link to your site on one of my posts and thought it might have been wrong so I removed it but I still couldn't get to your site.
It's fine this morning though.
Wonder if anybody else had the same prob. and that's why you didn't get much "assvice" for lucky charms.
There have to be more out there, I am sure. I hate frogs but I might check out the link to the sock place.

Sunny Jenny said...

A - are you saying that since the internet is my life, and that it brought me to my DH; that if I wear said socks the gods of the internet will indeed grant me a child? Hmmmm... you are a true theologian!

Beagle said...

I wore lucky socks (sadly they did not work for me (yet).

I found them at a local handcrafted gift shop.

I wore them to EVERY appointment including ER and ET.

Lori said...

You know, I hadn't even thought of doing something like that. But now you've got me thinking.
I like the socks idea though.

N said...

I wish I had your adress so that I could send these ( to you. You can order them in Sweden from the H&M on-line store, but I don't think you have that in the US. Maybe you have a H&M store coles to you???

Good luck in any case with the socks and the "rest" :-D


Sunny Jenny said...

Awee shucks! That's so sweet N from Sweden! :) You're too kind!