Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Laughed So Hard I Wet My Pants!

Oh, oh, I am laughing so hard...somebody help me here... hidey hidey ho ho sides ache...

So today was my test to see if I've ovulated....the $100 million dollar question! Now you folks out there in blog take a stab at the answer: Have I ovulated?

Just highlight the blank space to reveal the $100 million dollar answer...



Seriously -would you except anything else from my messed up body! My darling RE RN was not too pleased either. As I expressed my dismay she reminded me.."That's why you're infertile!" -duh

So, everyone is in agreement and tired of waiting! So I start my Lupron injections tonight! I am also being put on Prometrium to bring on AF. So, assuming (there I go using THAT word again) everything goes according to plan (go ahead laugh) I'll be starting my period in 7-10 days and begining my stimulation drugs. Dare I smile ? :

To top it off me and don't mess with me I am PMSing RE RN have been fighting with my prescription plan to get all my meds approved and shipped out. I've been approved for everything except the Menopar and the hCG shot. GO FIGURE.

After being hung up on once and waiting on hold for like 100 years I finally got said prescription plan to ship my pre quailified meds (remember I am "borrowing" Lupron from my RE).

RE RN said, "They better fix this today cause they don't want to deal with you when you start that Lupron!"

You really have to look for all the humor in this or you'll loose your mind!

Sorry, no funds will be paid to any or all $100 million dollar question champions.


Just another Jenny said...

I'll join you in PMS land.
So sorry about the ovulation news, I peaked a few posts ahead though and it looks like things are going good.